Hitler’s Top Hat Fetches $55,300 In Controversial Auction

There was another auction of Nazi German memorabilia yesterday. While the buyer of what is purported to be Hitler’s dress top hat is known, other items were purchased online by anonymous buyers and that has a number of people upset this morning.

Not the growing trade in fake Nazi items or that there are auction houses out there willing to deal in items with such an infamous history, but that the buyers aren’t known. More

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  1. This reminds me of an old King of the Hill episode. Hank’s dad, a WW II vet goes to the flea market to sell a piece of his war memorabilia: Hitler’s canoe. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. And it’s worth every penny thanks to the unique tattoo the hat maker was able to center perfectly above the brim.

  3. Sounds like NetFlix and msNBC and nazi Circus Clowns are selling off their leftover Halloween Costumes from their Fake News Trump Rally Video Production Studio Property Department.

  4. Did you see msNBC in the last 20 minutes?

    Heidi Przybyla. . .

    What happened to her face?
    Is she the Acid Attack Survivor?
    Did She OD on Botox?
    Some kind of nazi experiment gone wrong.

  5. Why should the buyers be known? Why is that anyones business? How many historical artifacts would have been lost if someone hadn’t bought them? Maybe DNA evidence could be used in solving future crimes. Does the public have the right to know what everyone has bought over their entire lives? What shady dealings have you made in your lifetime? Leave people the hell alone.

  6. They want to know who’s collecting this stuff to make sure it’s not being used to rejuvenate the Nazi brand of evil.

    I wonder if Stalin’s stuff or Lenin’s stuff ever reaches auction?

  7. For Supernightshade:


    “I’m putting on my top hat,
    Tying up my white tie,
    Brushing off my tails.
    I’m duding up my shirtfront,
    Putting in the shirt studs,
    Polishing my nails,
    I’m stepping out, my dear,
    To breathe an atmosphere
    That simply reeks with class;
    And I trust that you’ll excuse my dust
    When I step on the gas,
    For I’ll be there,
    Putting down my top hat,
    Mussing up my white tie,
    Dancing in my tails.”

  8. Somebody somewhere has Napoleon’s wiener, which after more than 2 centuries apparently resembles a dried and shriveled up little shrimp. At 5’5″, Napoleon couldn’t have much of a cannon in his tights. A doctor separated it from its lawful owner after his death, ca. 1814.

    Imagine if that went on the auction block.

  9. This business about making public the names of purchasers of Nazi stuff is bad. It could lead to the murder of innocent people who are just history buffs.

    It is sad to blame innocent people for crimes against humanity.

  10. One of the biggest fakes out there and they
    come in many flavors is the WWII Nazi Youth Knife.
    I had a real one in my knife collection but sold
    it years ago.

  11. Way back when (1980’s) Oriental Palace in Vegas had a huge collection

    of Cars and memorabilia in the underground Museum…Harmless.

  12. Buy it, if real, and burn it, stomp on the ashes.

    Pretty simple.

    I have a whiskey flask given to me from the Soviet era, but that’s a different type of collecting…there were THOUSANDS of those ‘handi’ flasks.

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