Hmmm… Who Does Pianist Chick Corea Look and Sound like?

This is eerie…

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  1. ….??? It’s Chick Corea. He’s always sounded like that.

    Jazz guy. Easily the most unhip jazz dude ever.

    I give up. Who sounds and looks like Chick?

  2. He face and voice inflection remind me of governor nipple rings (aka the nursing home mass murderer).

    You beat me to it Hare.

  3. Sounds like “Mr. Bang the Spoon on the Counter” when he wants a refil in his coffee cup, AKA Dave Brubeck.

  4. How did that go? We hold these truths to be self evident and the thing?
    It’s not exactly a notable quotable.

    You put the lime in the cocoanut brilliance. Makes no sense.
    But call me in the morning

  5. Now… it may say “Bluegrass” in my handle but the old Claw here is no stranger to the jazz world… Chick and Stanley are great but if’n we’re gonna be serious about jazz let’s skip the appetizer and go straight to the meat n taters… Emily friggin’ Remler….

  6. Face it. Seventies jazz pretty much sucked. Stanley Clarke, al di meola, return to forever.

    It was aimless, lacking musical composition. A bunch of incoherent noise.
    Ok. Al di meola maybe.

    I laugh at my iPhone. It suggested al di neoplasm.
    Caught it this time. Ha.

  7. I don’t know about look alike, but he kinda sounds like YOU FUR! 🙂

    I feel an ass kickin’ coming on.

  8. He’s a Rorschach ink blot, he’s whoever you want him to be. Ergo, he looks and sounds like Obammy.

  9. Like, it’s like, a form. Let’s, like, do what we want with it.

    The guy’s talk and diddling on the piano makes me nervous. Never was a fan, in fact, I completely forgot about him.

  10. That was great!

    Corea did some grand works – but that’s the first time I ever had a look at him!

    Cuomo must be Sicilian for Corea!

    izlamo delenda est …

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