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  1. Just be sure to wear a mask when donating blood. You wouldn’t want to spread disease.

    Trust the science.

  2. I’ll never donate blood again. Last time those people were so rude and inquisitive. They were all, “Why is this blood in a bucket?!” And “Why is there so much of it!!?” “Where did this come from?!!”

    Sheesh, no making some people happy.

  3. Lifelong lover of “sign fails” (also headline fails). I find them hysterical. This is a particularly good one!

    How about one of my favorites: “Illegally Parked Drivers will be fine” (instead of fined).

    Need a good laugh these days!

  4. @Insider

    One of the best is this headline: PENIS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.

    I think the failure to put a space between PEN and IS was deliberate.

  5. Slightly off topic: My sister gives blood regularly. They screen it for various scary things before depositing in the blood bank –one of which is Covid-19 antibodies. So, every 6 weeks or so, besides saving lives, she finds out her status re: having or having been exposed to Covid. For free. Without a swab up her nose. Win, win.

  6. I’ve always thought blood donation should be on a credit system where, if you give blood, that you don’t have to pay for blood when you need it for a surgery.

  7. I used to give blood on a regular basis. The first time I gave blood after I got back from Desert Storm the Red Cross sent me a certified letter telling me to never give blood again.


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