Hobby Lobby President Tells Workers ‘Their Family Is More Important Than This Business’

WJ: As retailers fight for consumers’ business over the holiday season through extended hours, even on holidays, the president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, says his company prioritizes its employees’ families over the business itself.

The Christian-owned company began in 1970 when Daniel and Barbara, Green’s parents, started building picture frames in their home.

Green didn’t become president of the craft and home decor store until 2004, but he has continued to uphold the Christian values that have been woven into the company’s daily operations since the beginning.

He has also written four books that display how passionate he is about his faith.

The most recent, “This Beautiful Book,” was published earlier this month and explores different themes throughout the Bible.

To this day, Green refuses to fold into the pressure of the hectic holiday season that many of his competitors have used to justify extended store hours. read more

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  1. Wonderful. Here’s hoping Green lives a long and healthy life and doesn’t turn the biz over to a Diversity Officer like CFA.

  2. In early 2000s I was an MBA student, and someone mentioned the fastest-growing company (per Fortune magazine, over a 5-year span). It wasn’t particularly large, although obviously growing very quickly. Employees worked 40-hour weeks, very rarely a bit more. Tons of benefits like day care, fitness, in addition to usual stuff. So this company (computer network sales) took really, really good care of its employees, asked them to work normal hours – and sales skyrocketed! The Grind is not the best way, and it is certainly detrimental to a quality life.

  3. I don’t go into hobby stores very often. Because… well, I’m a male. The place smells like an explosion of potpourri and estrogen.

    But if I do need to go to one, it’ll be Hobby Lobby.

  4. How fast will the SJWs and liberal MSM go after this man and his HL business. It is open warfare against morality and ethics and with this man’s confession of faith it makes his business a “takedown target.” (((They))) have even succeeded in setting Christians against CFA very quickly by sheer MSM efforts to disparage CFA leadership’s hypocrisy.

    “In your business, when you follow principles that Scripture has given to us, it — I think — serves a business well,” he said.

    “What we have always strived to do is operate our business according to the principles that God has given us in His word — operating with honesty and integrity and hard work and servant leadership,” Green continued. “These are all concepts that Scripture gives us. [Quote from above article]

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