Hockey Analyst Jeremy Roenick Out at NBC After ‘Inappropriate’ Comment About Co-Worker

Breitbart: NBC has fired hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick after “inappropriate” comments made last year about one of his co-workers.

“I’m very disappointed and angry today. I will not be returning to NBC,” Roenick said in a video posted to social media, “What a joke!”

The network had already taken the step of suspending the former NHL player at the end of December for comments made during a podcast earlier that month.

Roenick, who has been with NBC since 2010, appeared on the Spittin Chiclets podcast from Barstool Sports on December 19, where he made remarks about co-workers Kathryn Tappen, Anson Carter, and Patrick Sharp that his network bosses deemed untoward.

After the podcast became an issue, the network suspended the commentator.

“Jeremy Roenick has been suspended indefinitely without pay for making inappropriate comments about his co-workers,” NBC Sports said in a statement on Dec. 23. “We will have no further comment at this time.”

On the podcast, Roenick joked about having sex with his co-workers and made rude comments about Kathryn Tappen’s looks during their shared vacation in Portugal. read more

15 Comments on Hockey Analyst Jeremy Roenick Out at NBC After ‘Inappropriate’ Comment About Co-Worker

  1. Lyin white debbils can’t say nuffin wifout rapin errybody. Ain’t nuffin lyin whites say worth hearin anyway. Crackas.

    And y’all need leave Jussie alone. Black gay man can’t even ride the subway wifout Trump tryna hang the bruthuh.

  2. NBC hockey announcers are terrible.
    After getting to watch and listen to Jack Edwards and Andy “Brick” Brickley and the others on NESN during Bruins games it’s painful to have to listen to NBC.

  3. Drive away the last Hockey fans!

    Maybe Shep can slip into his slot?

    Certainly NO “toxic masculinity.”
    Won’t vacation with female co-workers in Portugal.

    (Question: Did ANY viewers complain?)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. They used to have three men, 2 ex pros and a little guy who knew the game. Now they have 1 or 2 pros and a vapid woman. She has nothing to add except dressing provocatively. Apparently the network is required to have a female on camera, no matter how ignorant. Toxic political correctness, TRF called it.

  5. The point is to appeal to a wider demographic base so as to sell more beer and feminine hygiene products.

    Women used to just be the nearly naked women between bouts at the prize fights and the stupid cheerleaders on the side line but now they are doing play by play and color commentary like they got a pair. And they bitchin because more he-shes are taking over their sports> can’t have it both ways honey.

  6. @Kcir (embarrased to be from Toronto) February 14, 2020 at 8:23 am

    > And she is an NHL commentator because of all the ice hockey she played?

    Now! That’s just mean. Ugly grrls deserve easy “jobs”, too.

  7. If only he had merely lusted over “scantily clad” female gymnasts like SEC’s Barry Booker. He’d still have a job.

  8. I would have thought the ambiguously gay comment about Patrick Sharp would have saved his job, after all, Anderson Vanderbilt and that gay black guy on CNN still have their jobs.

  9. The NY Islanders have the best play by play “that was up in the toy department!” and analysts. Two are women and one is a former Olympic Women’s hockey player. She knows her stuff. They are the only female sports announcers that I can stand. They might be there to meet the female quota but they keep their jobs on merit IMHO.

  10. He’ll have no prob getting a job with Barstool Sports. Or starring in an un-PC series of beer ads.

    At some point, we straight white male peeps gotta stand up and say FU to all the virtue-signaling assholes out there trying to pigeonhole us into obscurity.

  11. Since Gary Bettman and the seep of social justice crap the NHLBTQxyz has screwed hockey. I watch but quit listening …


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