Hockey Infected With Wokeness

“Racism is everywhere.”

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  1. Good Lord, look in the mirror before you look at me to explain your lot in life. I gave you the opportunity and YOU made the choices that put you where you are. GFY!!

  2. Then that little bastard took a knee for our National Anthem, and being the canadian shit head that he is, he stood for the canadian anthem. What a soy boy, halfman, worm, move that is! Go back home!

  3. I was so damn sorry to see this. I figured that if one of the major sports would have been able to keep clear of these blackmailing parasites it would have been hockey. Bastards!

  4. Systematic racism.
    Ha! No cred at all.
    In the mid 1970s National Lampoon parodied a sport called “Big Blax on Ice With Stix.”
    Humor, or visionary?

  5. The guy is a Canadian of Filipino & German/Romanian descent.

    What the FUCK does this have to do with BLM?

    I stopped with the NHL yesterday when i saw his shit.

    Besides, how can Canada be racist if we already have a Black Prime Minister when he remembers to bring his makeup kit?

  6. “BLM has officially killed all professional sports”

    …no, it was suicide by wokeness.

    They all shot THEMSELVES. BLM was just the gun they willingly put in their own mouths.

  7. Another sport I will no longer watch.
    @Bad_Brad – professional bass fishing? I will have to watch that. Or maybe the Corn Hole League

  8. The opening ceremonies at Omak Stampede, EBurg Rodeo, Pendleton Roundup and PBR are still very emotional for me still and I have been to hundreds of them. The same goes for the opening ceremonies at the clay oval sprint car events I attend. They don’t play this shit. The chances of someone losing their live during the event are a real concern. It is all about God and country and our shared values that are antithetical to everything ANTIFA/BLM stand for.

    PBR will step into this steaming pile of mess. That’s OK, PRCA will reabsorb the athletes.

  9. Go hard every play. You don’t want to leave anything behind and have people think you’re a pussy.

  10. @Flip

    I think I remember that. The black guys called it “honkey”. They had a cartoon of a black guy wearing a black guy’s disco outfit with chains around his neck and some sort of ghetto hat. But he was skating and holding a stick.

  11. Ha-ha, can’t wait to see the million dollar babies peddling chea-ass shit on late night infomercials!
    But wait, there’s more.
    How many black athletes are gonna lose their jobs when professional sports takes a dump?
    No more, Mrs. Nice Guy. Done with them all!

  12. You stupid fucks! You had an opportunity to vault to the top of the hill in USA sport

    But no you had to show the same mental agility as a group of monitor lizards around a water buffalo kill .. and do the same stupid Low IQ everyone else

    What makes this even funnier is that video has just been leaked that shows that the whole George Lloyd police brutality story was a hoax.

  13. @scr

    Commissioner Bettman didn’t want to be left out of the shit parade. Maybe he thinks blacks will start watching hockey. That is not going to happen. Basketball is the black people’s sport – it’s in their DNA.

    Not only will hockey never appeal to blacks, Bettman has now alienated a lot of white fans with his BLM stunt. And, a couple of years ago the league began marketing to queers. Goodbye normal people.

  14. Maybe its a good idea to stay away from stadiums and arenas anyway. 15,000 to 50,000 people in one small location make an inviting target for antifa/blm terrorists, assuming the cities will eventually allow attendance at these venues.

  15. My Petey B infected me something homo fierce straight up my unbleached elastic starfish!

  16. Mr.Chasten you should try homo hockey with your Petey B. It’s like fisting, only instead of a fist you use a hockey puck. If it gets so far stuck up Petey’s anus-hole that he can’t get it out, you’ve won the game.

  17. Mr.Chasten you should try homo hockey with your Petey B. It’s like fisting, only instead of a fist you use a hockey puck. You put it in, then use a hockey stick to ram it up some more. If it gets so far stuck up Petey’s anus-hole that he can’t get it out, you’ve scored a goal.

  18. Just lost a 30 plus year fan they are all overpaid anyway but will find out when you lose revenue you lose your wages as well.

  19. They’ve been kneeling since august 2nd.
    Even the one who put a Trump sticker on his mask said he’s ashamed.
    It’s about human rights, not politics, he said. Whatever that has to do with a sticker, I don’t know.
    Weak minded dummies.

  20. It was only a matter of time since they moved into the neighborhood. Excuse me, I mean the sport.

  21. Maybe they got a point. I mean after all, the puck is black and it gets slapped a lot?…

    #Don’t slap the black puck….

  22. NHL: the history of the greatest sport in the world showed tough skilled men that never whined like sissies. 60 years our family loved this game… You pussies folded. You could not let us enjoy one f-ing hour without bringing up “the race card”? Guess what, you can kiss your pocketbooks goodbye… In 60 years of watching hockey, and attending the games [alot of fans were added over those 60 years], Every family member, every friend, in 4 states, in fact my current entire community says FU sports! Why don’t all the players donate their salaries to anarchists that hate America. Treason. TRAITORS TO YOUR LOYAL fans… I’ll watch hockey games from Europe before I watch NON-American supported Hockey. NHL you lost your balls! I hope you go broke!! Give me back a team that plays for the Cup, and their loyal fans–good luck, and God Bless.


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