James Hodgkinson, who shot up the Republican baseball team in Virginia this morning, was a Bernie Sanders volunteer and enthusiastic advocate of the Democratic Party line. In 2011, he appeared on local television in St. Louis at an Occupy protest, denouncing the “one percent.”

We talked about Hodgkinson on the Power Line Live broadcast this evening. I think it is fair to blame the Democratic Party for his violence–recognizing, of course, that the primary blame always rests with the criminal–because the Democrats have deliberately created a crazed climate of hate in order to fire up their base. Which is to say, people like James Hodgkinson.

Has a single Democratic office-holder denounced, or even distanced himself from, the many acts of violence that have been committed in the name of liberalism over the past nine months? To my knowledge, no. In my opinion, leaders of the Democratic Party need to take a long look in the mirror. They have welcomed street violence as a useful part of their “Resistance” movement. Now we are seeing the tragic consequences.

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  1. He is jealous of the people who have a decent life. What a shithole.
    Thank God he can’t shoot well.

  2. Democrat malcontent. Thug.

    His posts are parrotings of whatever Rachel Maddow was ranting about the night before.

    Yesterday’s attempted massacre is just the start. The Left sees its getting results. Its jihadis are programmed, whipped up, and ready to unleash.

    The FCC needs to be fining talking heads and threatening license loss for advocating violence.

  3. I haven’t turned on the radio or TV yet, but I am betting they are done with Hodgkinson already. It is time for the O of J trial to stoke the blind rage of the next homicidal leftist.

    Is there a pile of teddy bears and flowers for Hodgkinson at the baseball field yet?

  4. What did this vile slug think about Bernie becoming a 1% and buying his 3rd house with a private beach through a trust to avoid taxes?

    What did this vile thug have to say about the richest members of Congress being life long Democrat public servants?

    Vile, hate filled, intolerant, anti-American, violent democrats. Thanks, Obama!

  5. We should expect more of this.
    And no, not just against politicians.
    Cowards attack soft targets. Congress is an armed camp only exposed when they go out to play baseball or attend the soiree.
    Ultimately, humans … citizens … Americans … will be killed (or attacked) and every man must do his duty and kill the attackers. This cannot be left to the “professionals” who will spend their lives defending the corrupt and powerful. I’m guessing that that scum-sucking thief, liar, and hypocrite Andy Cuomo has a Schutz Staffel (Protection Squadron) just as does that other virulent Nazi “Bill de Blasio” all the while denying the “serfs” self-defense.
    The hypocrisy is breath-taking. Now we will begin to hear the blathering bullshitters bloviating about gun-control, as if the gun, not the committed socialist, assaulted those people.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Stay armed, fine tune your situational awareness. The left has identified itself a terrorist organization, with so-called “moderates” in the wings egging them on.

    They are incurably psychotic and dangerous.

  7. Mentally ill democrat June 15, 2017 at 7:30 am

    He is jealous of the people who have a decent life. What a shithole.
    Thank God he can’t shoot well.

    Thank God he’s dead.

  8. Apparently this guy was a house inspector.
    Imagine how nice some of the houses he inspected probably were.
    He probably got jealous rage at people with lots of money.
    And Democrats and Bernie Sanders fed into that rich people jealousy rage, until he popped.

  9. “What did this vile slug think about Bernie becoming a 1% and buying his 3rd house with a private beach through a trust to avoid taxes?”

    Nothing. I doubt he could process it if someone explained it to him. Libs like him only hear and accept buzzwords as they relate to himself at that particular moment. That’s why when you ask a Prog questions, they can only repeat talking points. They don’t know what’s behind the talking point and how they got to be talking points. As long as the words make them feel good, or prove that they are the ‘victims’ they felt like they have been all along, they don’t care.

  10. @Mentallyilldemocrat:

    Actually, he can no longer shoot at all, but…here in Illinois, he’ll be able to vote FOREVER!

  11. He wasn’t just a Bernie supporter, he was subsequently a Hillary supporter: “Hillary Clinton 2016” was among his FB “likes”.

  12. The liberal “PEACE MOVEMENT” along with “The Religion of Peace” are not exactly what we think they are….

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