Hogg is a mile away from a coherent point

Now “assault weapons” can shoot a mile, and we’re all world-class snipers.

Haven’t you all heard of the mile-away homicide crisis in America?

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  1. My dad likes to tell the story of how he hit a rabbit at about a quarter mile with a .22 rifle. Had to lob the shot. He knocked the rabbit down but never found it, probably not enough energy left to do any damage when it hit.

  2. and the democrats now promote patrolling poppy fields.
    ‘If we don’t fight them there, we will have to fight them here’

    ‘the early bird gets the worm’
    much better to take them out from a distance, rather than close in

  3. Just had to pipe up to try and to be relevant didn’t ya?
    Hey David, now do abortion. You know, when you’re hunting a human being in it’s mother’s womb to rip it out and how the baby can’t defend it’s self.

  4. I wonder if Harvard will give Hogg the pass through treatment they gave Obama? It’s not as if they’re above cheapening the reputation of the school to fulfill lefty ambitions as long as the dough keeps rolling in from alumni.

  5. scr_north,
    If Harvard still exists (signs say not likely) 30 Years from now. Know this:
    Todays young Patriots will remember, and act accordingly.
    Winning since 1776
    8 cycles of 30
    4 of them 50 Caliber
    I Gar On Tee
    A 3@30 told us too, then
    Keep America Great

  6. I’m sorry. What was the expiration date on Hogg?
    He’s beyond curdled milk. Beyond buttermilk. Beyond cheese. He’s now blue cheddar.

  7. What distance would he consider “defending yourself?”

    It’s a perfect question to ask. He’s the one setting limits. Those limits need definition. Additionally, he should also introduce legislation that limits the load so bullets can’t travel past his set limit. As it sits, a standard 9mm could possibly travel 2200 meters, or 600 meters more than a mile. So.. standard police issue 9mm firearm is for nothing more than hunting humans, until we get clear direction from Mr. Hogg.

  8. He was a mile away from the school shooting when it happened, yet he is still a “survivor”, so this must make sense to that little brain rattling around in his ginormous, empty head.

  9. ecp: “What distance would he consider “defending yourself?”

    He is suggesting, by extension, that there is an acceptable distance at which one might justifiably defend themselves. Such a distance would establish a boundary to his suggestion. And that would be a border. And a wall is nothing nothing more than a defense on a boundary.
    He’ll fit right in at harvard- probably winding up as the captain of the debating team.

  10. Hey, the kid’s going to Hah-vahd. He must be one smart feller. Let’s just hope this doesn’t start some goofy internet “mile away challenge”.

  11. So who is shooting humans from a mile away? Expert snipers in the military….yes

    Is this numb nut saying citizens are.shooting people a mile away.
    If citizens are shooting things a mile away, it is for recreation, fun, and competition. They are not training to take people out. It’s called fun…..liberals have taken fun out of comedy and now they come after recreation.

  12. If ignorance ran generators, we’d ALL be free of fossil fuels, but we’d have to endure the leftists as our main suppliers of fuel.

  13. I’ve done 1000 meter target shots, it’s not easy and I’ve never hit as often as I’ve missed. I doubt I’d ever hit anything a mile away,

    FWIW, 1000 meters is about 2/3 mile, Few common “”Assault Rifles” are of a precision or in a caliber that lends itself to shooting something at that range with any accuracy no matter how good the shooter is.

  14. To stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers,
    just prevent sober drivers from driving.

    That’s how gun control works.

  15. Varmints. The term is hunting varmints.
    Kill them a ways off so they can’t bleed all over your stuff.

  16. ‘If you need to defend yourself from someone a mile away you’re not defending yourself, you’re hunting humans.’ says the Poster boy for the need of late term abortions. If under the AHA you provide healthcare till their 26. Well DEMS, why not expand it a little to make sure they don’t get there.
    Who’s set up the long range hunting human shot?

  17. The further, the better.
    If a bunch of meth-heads attack my house, am I better off letting them in before I kill them? No. Much better on the porch. Even more better at the bend in the driveway. Even much more better at the road. Even much more much (?) better at the Highway.
    I’m sure this tool knows this, but for the sake of PC imbecility (and gathering monetary rewards from the totalitarian satrapy), he is compelled to blather foolish shit.

    izlamo delenda est …

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