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Hoi Polloi Gerbils

Good News Network – A couple stuck inside during the novel coronavirus lockdowns have used their free time to made an adorable art gallery for their pet gerbils.

Marianna Benetti and her boyfriend Filippo Lorenzin, both 30 years old, constructed the miniature exhibition last week to keep their pets entertained during quarantine.

The tiny space was furnished with carefully curated rodent-themed takes on classic works of art—including the “Mousa Lisa”.

Finish reading here, and make sure you watch the video at the end.

18 Comments on Hoi Polloi Gerbils

  1. Gerbils? I get nervous when you talk about gerbils.

  2. My daughter will love this.
    Thanks Claudia!

  3. OK, Claudia, you are a sweetheart and all, but I don’t think those gerbils really appreciated the effort that went into that. Now a Golden Retriever on the other hand………never mind. Being quarantined makes people nuts

  4. What a wonderfully whimsical idea! My kind of silly, Miss Benetti and Mr. Lorenzin. Thanks for documenting it, too.

    @joe6pak – Make an art gallery and set a theme of Milkbones and tennis balls and your Golden will lap it up!

  5. Gerbils. Or as the Chinese say, Houre D’oeuvres.

  6. Different Tim–

    But they’re CULTURED hors d’oeuvres. A gourmet delight.

  7. Did they have Rodent’s “The Thinker” in a teeny tiny sculpture gallery?

  8. And there’s “The Squeak”, by Edvard Munchthosesunflowerseeds!

  9. Please, no starfish guy this thread. Please no.

    Came to see Gerbils Playing Poker, leaving disappointed.

  10. And over here, in the American wing, you can see the world’s smallest collection of miniatures by Grandma Mouses.

  11. Al, it sounds like you either have had Golden’s or been around them. Milk Bones and tennis balls, they love those!

  12. The Gerbils are so bored and tired of isolation that they’re reduced to chewing on the furniture while muttering in Gerbilese,

    “Fauci is an idiot! And the (chirp) CDC are a bunch (squeak) of liars!”

    “Tell me (squeak) about it. Hey, did you (chirp) see Biden’s teeth? They’re FAKE! He’s such a (squeak) demented douche!”

    “The guy is sub-Gerbil! And they’re destroying the economy! Who’s going to (squeak) make our feed?”

    “Yeah, Harvey, we might (chirp) have to plant our own (squeak) garden!”

  13. They have razor like teeth that will chew just through about anything.

  14. A Chinese delicacy: grilled gerbils in soy-bat sauce.


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