Hold On To Your Wallets, Congress At Work On Bi-Partisan Climate Change Tax

Mark Stein guest-hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight last evening and among his guests was one Mark Reynolds of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby to discuss congress’ efforts to burden the nation with a “market based” climate change tax. The interview starts at the 24:00 minute mark Here

Who, you might ask, is behind a climate change taxes? Why the oil companies of course. Who do you think has the lobby money to throw around at both sides of the aisle in order to secure their own fortunes? Here


From Tucker Carlson on Dec 20, 2018.

17 Comments on Hold On To Your Wallets, Congress At Work On Bi-Partisan Climate Change Tax

  1. Someone truly needs to be martyred as a symbol over this monumental treachery.
    And Al Gore keeps nominating himself for that virgin goat.

  2. It’s not going anywhere. Even the lefties know it. But they still think it’s a good idea because, WE GET MONEY BACK!!11!! or something.
    Just like on those solar panels. And how you could keep your doctor, lol

  3. “Bi-Partisan Climate Change Tax”
    Will have absolutely NO effect on Climate – but will have an enormous effect on the incomes of the grifters and their associated sycophants and stooges.

    The “Penultimate Glacial Period” closed about 100,000 years ago and the “Last Glacial Maximum” about 15,000 and, to the best of my knowledge, no taxes could have changed them by a single degree (F or C).

    It’s a shame that our elected “representatives” no longer have enough sense to recognize a scam – or are willing to participate in such a scam in order to relieve their constituency of its wealth.
    We (the People of the United States) should really consider making corruption a capital offense – with or without the consent of the “elect.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. There should be a provision in the constitution…
    To tax congressional salaries in 25% increments,
    To force staying touch with the people or pay the consequence.

  5. If California, with all its wildfires, Bollywood private jet goofs and their wasteful mansions fell into the ocean.

    There’s undeniable scientific proof that the earth will cool.

  6. ALL taxes are theft by gov’t.

    NO taxes are necessary because all
    gov’ts finance themselves via fiat currency.

    Taxes are not necessary at the national
    nor world level because of the fiction of
    fiat currency as opposed to specie.

    I think even the smellocrats understand this
    but they will never say so

    Their aim isn’t even to tax you per se
    but to

    Control every aspect of your existence.

    And they won’t even need to do that
    nor permit you to existence, once

    AI can perform every act of servitude
    that you can !

  7. Here in Maine where our Governor elect Janet Mills has hired a socialist for housing and labor, she plans on taxing how many miles we drive.
    Good luck.
    “Oh, me? I only drove about 20 miles last year!”

  8. They should make it Voluntary…See how many Libtards put

    their $$$ where there mouth is…

    (If it is still attached to their Head, We know it’s up their Ass)


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