‘Hold the line!’ Chicago police union urges rank and file not to comply with Mayor Groot’s mandate

BPR: The ongoing vaccine wars are raging especially hot in Chicago, where Fraternal Order of Police president John Catanzara is encouraging local cops to not abide by the city’s mandate and warning that up to 50 percent of the force may be absent once the mandate goes into effect.

“The head of Chicago’s police union has advised officers not to comply with the city’s COVID-19 vaccine reporting requirement and says members should be willing to be sent home without pay rather than submit to the shot mandate for city workers,” the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

“With city employees’ vaccine status deadline Friday, Fraternal Order of Police Local 7 President John Catanzara also said in a video posted Tuesday that the union has filed a labor grievance against the city and plans to pursue legal action to fight the mandate,” the Tribune added.

Instituted last month by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the mandate requires that all city workers, including cops, submit their vaccination status by Oct. 15th. Those who are unvaccinated will then be required to undergo biweekly testing — paid out of their own pockets — until the end of the year.

At year’s end, they’ll likely then be fired. Meanwhile, anyone who fails to submit their information on the 15th will be placed on a “non-disciplinary, no-pay status,” presumably til the end of the year, when they too will probably be fired. more

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  1. Just remember, these are the same people (plug in any large blue run city) that gleefully flaunts all immigration laws and praises criminals who block roadways with their dopey sit ins as “First Amendment practitioners”. They don’t care about their police, actively working to defund them, not support them, and will default to the worst possible motives when any investigation is required.

    Of course, on the flip side, you really have to wonder about the sanity and competence of any officer that would degrade himself to the degree of working for such a low rent city in the first place.

  2. This is happening globally and could cause the to world to descend into chaos, well worse chaos then it is. A pre-apocalyptic irreversible sort of chaos. And some are hoping a global reset or other kind of new world order will rise out of the ashes. More like a permanent third world I think.

  3. It will be interesting to see what happens when the policy don’t show up for work.
    Will anything be different?

  4. So if you get put on unpaid leave for not getting the jab by October 15th, why they hell would you want to submit to testing paid for OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET when you can’t work and won’t be paid? Did Lorrie Lightweight come up with this brilliant plan or does she have a team of monkeys working on it ’round the clock?

  5. If the police don’t come in, who’s going to protect Antifa and BLM, and arrest law abiding citizens for daring to defend themselves?


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