Holden Torana

Never heard of them before, but the old commercials are cool.

Australian Car-

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  1. I think there’s a good reason no one has ever heard of Holden Motors or Torana.

    It looks like they were marketing them to women.

  2. My son wants to name his first son Holden, don’t ask me why. His first child my grand daughter who will be born in about 3-4 months, will be named Dylan (my daughter and I will probably call her Dilly) though. Which is quite fitting since I told him since his name is Thomas that Dylan goes well with Thomas as in Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet. At least for a while there be no more Mikes, Dave’s, Bobs, Patty’s (my late wife’s name) etc. in the family.

  3. Many Holden models over the years have been Aussie versions of Opels (GM’s German affiliate). The Torana appears to be a RHD Opel Kadett or similar model. GM AU is right about the GTO and Caprice, and the old Cadillac Catera was also a Holden/Opel variant, as well as the Saturn Vue/Chevy Captiva SUV.

  4. Almost forgot a very popular car currently sold everywhere in the world but the US, the Holden/Opel/Vauxhall/Saturn Astra, commonly used as a police car in Europe.

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