A Hole the size of Maine opens in Antarctic sea ice – Video

Ice Age Now: An “ocean chimney” the size of Tasmania is pumping huge amounts of heat into the atmosphere. Headlines call the hole “mysterious,” but it doesn’t seem all that mysterious to me. I think the heat is coming from underwater volcanic activity.


A huge hole – roughly 30,000 square miles or the size of the state of Maine – has been spotted in sea ice near Antarctica. Australian media notes that the hole, roughly 80,000 square kilometers, is the size of Tasmania.

The humongous hole, known as a polynya, was detected about a month ago.


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  1. Oh noes! The polar bears is all gonna drowns…..oh…..wait……that’s the Arctic.

    Oh noes! The penguins is all gonna drowns!! Yeah! That’s its! Save the penguins!

    (Anything for an environazi panic buck)

  2. Mario Bataglia is headed down there to declare that we have a global warming/ climate change thingy while he cooks clams ceviche and young seal lips….

  3. Just sayen, the “Tasmanian Devil” would have made all the news casts. Who does your PR people? I’m available. But I’m not cheap.

  4. I thought that was always there. To let the Nazi flying saucers get in and out of there base in the center of the Earth.

  5. We’ve all seen this movie. That ice melt is from Godzilla’a breathing. Probably very radioactive.
    Once Godzilla emerges, we should direct him towards Kim and his 23,000 rocket batteries on the border.
    Now that would be a Pay Per View.

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