Holland To Hold “Draw Muhammad” Cartoon Contest

Geert Wilders has announced that there will be a Draw Muhammad cartoon contest that will be held in a secured location in the Dutch Parliament building later this year. Winner of the Garland, Texas contest held three years ago, Bosch Fawstin is expected to participate. More

17 Comments on Holland To Hold “Draw Muhammad” Cartoon Contest

  1. I think it’s a bad idea-why provoke these muzzies to more anger and destruction than already is being done.Out of the frying pan into the fire is no answer. but neither is turning the other cheek working any more–kick azz and dont worry about taking names-they all go by the same name anyway.

  2. Wonder what would happen if a person announced a “Draw muhammed” contest at a liberal hangout? Just saying.

  3. any positions open in the back room for people with scary looking rifles? I have my own ammo.

  4. It’s poking a stick at them for witch some innocent person or persons will pay a bloody price for. They should drag their politicians into the streets and hang them from a lamp post. Then deport these sub human scum, preferably somewhere in the mid atlantic.

  5. just pass’n thru JUNE 14, 2018 AT 2:30 PM

    There would seem to be so few ready to stand up and make any noise about their slow suicide. So perhaps, the sooner the better with regard to starting the shit storm. What does it take to finally have their “tea party?” Sadly, most of the poor bastards don’t have the necessary weapons to defend themselves once it gets rolling.

    The “7.62” on the back window of the van is not for mileage as I’m not a runner. Take that anyway you wish…


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