Hollywood Breaks Character And Releases Some Good Films

John Nolte has been to his local Cineplex in recent days and seems to have found more diamonds than dudes lately. Given that the holiday season is rapidly approaching, it might be a good plan to keep these films in mind when seeking some means to keep the relative entertained for a few hours.

First up, “Ford v. Ferrari” that pulls its story from real life and leaves the fake over the top CGI for the superheroes. Here 

Another film that they apparently got right is the 2019 version of “Midway.” More

Finally, if you’re more interested in a Civil War film with a star turn by lead actress Cynthia Erivo, Nolte recommends “Harriet,” based on the life of slave emancipator, Harriet Tubman. Here

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  1. I’m going to see “Midway” tonight.

    I hate (really hate) when historical movies embellish the storyline, I want the facts, warts and all. All heroes have imperfections, it is in the face of these flaws that heroism shines, that is what’s endearing, human.
    I’m glad the link mentioned the Chinese backing. The Chinese love American made war films where the Japanese get their asses handed to them. Hacksaw Ridge was absolutely huge in China.

  2. I saw the ads for Midway and it looked really cheesy. The real story is compelling and it is one of the main battles that turned the war in the Pacific in favor of the US.

    There’s a DVD set of a show called Battle 360 about the USS Enterprise and it’s role at Midway. The graphics are outdated, but they have interviews with the guys that sank the Japanese carriers.

  3. IOTW tricked me twice into watching ‘The View’ last week. The second time was my own fault. Never again.

  4. So I can start giving globohomo my money again!?

    Oh! Joy!

    You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting!

    Now, if some Loyal™ Patriot™ will just say “The NFL’s all Good™, again.”, before Thanksgiving (American! You queer, black-face, luvin’, toque-heads!), my piggy-bank is yearning to break free.

  5. John Schneider just did a movie called Christmas Cars. Its theme is based off his time acting in Dukes of Hazzard. I don’t know if it’s in the theater or on cable.

  6. I haven’t seen a Hollyweird movie in years for 2 reasons: Principle and the fact that they mostly make SJW crap. But as the great Bill Whittle not only gave Joker a rave review, he said he thought Joaquin Phoenix’s performance might have been the best by any actor – EVER! So I checked it out today, and I have to say, he was right. It was awesome! It did pain me to support crybaby DeNiro in any way, but – SPOILER ALERT – what happens to his character at the end was most satisfying. It’d be a damn shame if something along those lines happened to Baby Bobby in real life – there I said it!

  7. I liked Midway. Learned some things.
    Ford vs Ferrari i might go see.
    A movie coming out in December is 1917. That I will definitely see. WWI obviously.

    Harriet? Maybe.

  8. PHenry, 1917 looks awesome.

    I particularly like WW1 movies;

    Path of Glory
    The Water Diviner
    A Very Long Engagement
    There was a great HBO miniseries that came out a few years back, Parades End, really terrific.

  9. And don’t forget Peter Jackson’s documentary/movie from last year about World War 1, They Shall Not Grow Old which I saw last December, it was a great movie about WW 1 and all it’s death and destruction.

  10. If i could have any car in the world, the Ford GT 40 is the one. Most beautiful vehicle ever created.

    The Shelby story is a fabulous American success story. It has it all. Too bad Damon is in it, but he is a good actor.

    Be sure to give us your review, Rich Taylor

  11. If you go see hollywood’s ‘good’ films, you’ll be financing their malignant propaganda.

    Boycott hollywood until it’s destroyed.

  12. Ford v Ferrari: “ This is a message that reminds us about what it means to be a true American.“

    Let’s see what the Academy does with this.

  13. @geoff. They Shall Not Grow Old was outstanding.

    God, if were only true when they called the Great War, the War to End All Wars.

  14. You are incorrect @anonymous. It makes sense to reward when Hollywood makes a good film. Sit on your wallet for the other crap.

    I go to accurate war movies and clint Eastwood movies. Other than that…. I don’t go.

    It’s a pretty clear message.

  15. Remember the big push to put Tubman on the $20 bill?
    Suddenly it went away, I supported it and had no problem.
    Maybe the femnazis read a little history and discovered Harriet was a strong Republican, gun toting, family loving, take no crap Christian.

  16. A co-worker saw Harriet, and echoed the sentiments of this reviewer – it is a terrific movie. And like the reviewer, he did some fact checking on the moving and learned it was true.

  17. Dunkirk!

    By far, the worst movie I have ever seen!

    However, that’s misleading, I didn’t watch the entire movie, I got up and marched out about the time they were hidding in the beached vessal with bullet holes in it.

    Just a putridly slow-developing and boring as hell movie.

  18. I caught the Deadwood movie finale last night. If you were a Deadwood fan, it’s a must. Pitch perfect ending to that series, loved it. Much better then El Camino, the continuation of Breaking Bad-although it wasn’t bad and the last 1/3 was especially tasty.

    I’ve gotten a mixed review bag from my friends that have seen Midway.

    And down Memory Lane I watched Johnny Handsome earlier this week. Terrific flick with Micky O’Rourke before he went nutzo. Ellen Barkin steals almost every scene she’s in.


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