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Hollywood Horrified At President’s Call To “Liberate” Three Blue States


Left-wing Hollywood stars are melting down over President Donald Trump’s calls to “liberate” three Democrat-led states where residents have risen up in protest, demanding that governors re-open the economies and relax restrictions on physical movement.

Celebrities recoiled at the president’s show of support on Friday, calling the commander in chief “deranged,” “terrifying,” and a “madman.” More 

20 Comments on Hollywood Horrified At President’s Call To “Liberate” Three Blue States

  1. And they’re all mindlessly parroting the universal talking point that the protests are over “social distancing”. That is, of course, a lie. The protests are over the business shutdowns.

  2. Seems like I say a kids movie about ants and grasshoppers 20 years or so ago.

    Wonder if there is a useful lesson to be learned from it about living our own lives in our world today?

  3. Y’know, I didn’t value celebrities’ opinions when they were waiting tables, and I sure don’t value them now.

  4. I would say they knew exactly what he meant and were being deliberately obtuse, but must RESIST!! and pretend otherwise.

    But now I think they really are that obtuse and whenever the president tweets, they fly in a feathery panic to their twitter feeds like quail flushed out from under a bush. And then we shoot them. Figuratively, of course.

  5. Once again, communist leftists have stolen the dialogue.

    It’s not ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’. It’s ‘socialIST distancing’.
    Distancing you from your God given Freedoms, your ability to earn a living, travel freely, worship and assemble as you see fit.

    ‘PHYSICAL DISTANCING’ is perhaps a wiser description.

    Why did the left chose this particular phrase?

    Wife brought it up today.


    She’s smart.

  6. Hey hollywood! if I need advice on cocaine or STD’s I’ll listen to you cause I know you’re the expert. For everything else, STFU.

  7. Since most of these celebrities have made their money off of us blue collar workers, (by going to their movies and concerts) maybe they should give half of it back to the unemployed workers!

  8. Isn’t it a prerequisite of “stars”, even “celebrities”, that hoi polloi know who they are?

  9. We should all stop watching TV, movies, and other media unless they have a conservative bent.

    Coming up is an abomination from silly Oprah and sillier Lady Gaga called something like: One World in Our Homes. One world, my ass. The globalist bastards built our current mess. Get the Chinese government to stand down and get the Islamists to stop trying to kill us first, before we even start thinking about connecting in One World.

    I don’t feel any connection to Ghana or Bangladesh or too many other countries. They have their culture, we have ours, such as it is. Screw these One Worlders.

    Liberals are always concerned with other cultures and countries and how they view the US. These days, I don’t give a crap about any of that except possibly for a few of our closest allies.

  10. Dummies. They could set-up and document the coming revolution – and get their heads blown (clean) off in the process!

  11. Isn’t it also interesting that the red chinese Corona red death narrative has been sanitized to the amorphous and clinical name ‘covid 19’? By a media complex that derives most of its financing from the commies?

  12. Actors have become one step below vermin on the scale of importance to the world. They need to be told on the streets what they are, since the media platforms they use are biased against moral people.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The fuck cares? This is just clickbait. Just another human centipede of writers and actors giving each other reach arounds.

    Lets play some damn baseball.

  14. If nothing else, this lock down has shown how useless and obnoxious these people are – and now, treasonous.

    May all their careers be destroyed.


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