Hollywood Mythbusting: 2 guns at once

In this video, I take a look at one of my favorite Hollywood tropes – firing two guns at once. But instead of just playing around, I take a hard look at whether or not it’s more effective than firing one gun with two hands on it.

17 Comments on Hollywood Mythbusting: 2 guns at once

  1. say what you want, placing holes on the target is in the skill of the gunner

    as for me …. I’ll go with The Lone Ranger & Hopalong Cassidy 😉

  2. Loco,
    Hey Bro, have you shot that thing since we last spoke? Squeeze it like your trying to ring the oil out of it, up high on the grip, and see if it chokes. Not common on that gun.

  3. If the idea is fire suppression, it makes sense.
    Mostly it just looks kool – especially when they reload their 2 semi-autos without having to put one of them under the arm.
    Hollyweird is all bullshit, all the time (not that it isn’t occasionally amusing).

    izlamo delenda est …

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