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Hollywood snubs Al Gore

Washington Times: Former Vice President Al Gore may need some ice for that burn after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Tuesday snubbed his climate-change documentary “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

The 2017 film failed to pick up an Academy Award nomination for best documentary feature, ending a disappointing run for the sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth,” which took home Oscars for best documentary and best song in 2006.

The first film did exceptionally well for a documentary, grossing $24 million domestically and igniting the global-warming movement. But the sequel fell flat with moviegoers, earning $3.4 million and a tepid 49 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Even Hollywood could not give Gore’s climate turkey sequel a mention at the Oscars,” said Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” slated for release Feb. 26 by Regnery.

“When a politically correct film like Gore’s is dissed, it means it was below even minimal entertainment standards,” Mr. Morano said in an email. “Gore’s dismal sequel did the impossible, it made Hollywood turn a blind eye to climate change issue!” read more

10 Comments on Hollywood snubs Al Gore

  1. Didn’t know they had a fiction category for the Oscars.

  2. I remember seeing the trailer for this turkey at the theater while waiting to watch Dunkirk.
    People were laughing. One guy hollered out “FAKE NEWS”.

    Al Gore, your expiration date has passed.

  3. Sorry. That was me. Haven’t used the iPad in a while.

  4. If I recall correctly, Gore may have been a bit of a sexual predator which is a verboten subject in Hollywood at the moment.

  5. He got paid. The others virtue signaled. All God’s children are happy.

  6. I’m sure the “second Chakra” thing didn’t help, either. Probably just the tip

    of the iceberg.

  7. Rumor has it that he’s working on a Broadway production, “An Inconvenient Musical” with rousing hits like
    “Polar Bears Are People Too”
    “Swimming Down Park Avenue”
    “It’s a Credit Not A Tax”
    “Where’s My Happy Ending?”

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