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Hollywood to the Rescue!

When the teaser ended, I said (to my dog apparently since she was the only other one in the room), “The killer’s going to be an Iraq War vet, you just watch.”

Guess what?

I was right.

PatriotRetort: Whenever the Liberal narrative is threatened by reality, you can always count on Hollywood to deploy their elite Liberal writers to come to the rescue.

And this week’s episode of “Major Crimes” was definitely riding to the rescue of the “Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam” messaging of the Left.

*NOTE: This column contains spoilers to this week’s episode of “Major Crimes.” If you haven’t seen it yet, but plan to watch, you may want to wait until after you’ve watched to read this.*

Last year, in Season 4, “Major Crimes” deployed their Conceal Team to appropriately frame the narrative about Obama granting amnesty to “DREAMers.” I wrote about that bit of propaganda HERE.

This spin-off from the Kyra Sedgwick series “The Closer” is one of the few television shows I still watch — though, through iTunes, not cable. It lacks the cohesiveness of “The Closer,” but the characters are the same, and on occasion the plots are pretty good.

But every now and then the writers have a pesky habit of acting like they’re writing for “Law & Order: SVU.” The “ripped from the headlines” plots are always imbued with the Leftist narrative — whether on “transgenders,” or “illegal alien minors,” or, like last night’s episode Foreign Affairs, the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.  more

7 Comments on Hollywood to the Rescue!

  1. Major Crimes has been reasonably conservative. When I saw the beginning I was hoping, disappointed to see the end.

  2. Exactly why I stopped watching NCIS at about season 3.

  3. Network TV is Electronic Excrement.

  4. Told the Missus, “That’s the guy – he did it,” within seconds of his first appearance on the screen. I have a gift, no kidding, and can do it in real life also, but I digress. They tried to throw me off with the surly young Mooslime, but I never wavered. Perhaps my “gift” is due more to Hoolywood’s predictability than my own prescience.

  5. Hollywood used to blame all the crazy psycho stuff on screwed-up Vietnam veterans, but I guess we’re getting too old for that to be plausible nowadays. So now the torch has been passed to a new generation of scapegoats.

    And so it goes.


  6. Vets and angry white men, the final go to for bad guys.
    Anymore, I am surprised when the boogie man isn’t a white male.
    My wife hates to watch a whodunnit with me.
    Easier than Clue.

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