Hollywood’s Slow Suicide


Townhall: Well, the Oscars sure did suck, didn’t they? I used to watch them because I love movies, now I watched them for work purposes. And it felt like work. Judging by the ratings, the way I felt watching them was not unique, and a lot of people did not show up for work that day.

The 2018 Oscars were the lowest rated in history due, in part, to the movies the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated (they really embraced movies the public has shown no interest in), but mostly due to the show itself. They can try to blame “cord cutters” all they want, but just because more people have dropped their cable providers doesn’t mean they blew up their television sets. Besides, the Oscars weren’t on cable, they were on broadcast TV.

No, people actively chose not to watch.

The Oscars (and pretty much every entertainment awards show) have become the annual version of the Democratic National Convention with significantly more attractive speakers. But no one wants to watch the real thing, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a prettier version would see record low viewership.

Hollywood is killing itself. Not many people will care, they’re that annoying, but it does matter.

Entertainment, no matter where it occurs, is important in a civil society. “Hollywood” is the catch-all term for everything in that industry, and it serves an important purpose – an escape.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you have favorite movies, TV shows, bands, whatever. Without them, without that escape, life would be miserable. You can deny it all you like, but you know it’s true.

That escape serves as an important release, a break from work, family, bills, responsibilities, and all the stresses of life, if only for a short while. We laugh, we cry, we talk about it with friends and make new friends through our mutual enjoyment of them.

But that’s changing because Hollywood is changing, or vice-versa. How it started is irrelevant, that it’s accelerating is what matters. more here

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  1. Slow suicide? I’m all for speeding things up and putting them in internment camps as traitors along with the entire calif gov’t.

  2. I haven’t watched a movie in the theater since 1998. I’m not likely to any time soon, either.

  3. I am actually watching series on Netflix – Finished “Babylon Berlin” – an excellent German series set in 1929 and shows how Hitler was able to rise to power and am just finishing “Trapped” an Icelandic mini-series (you must pay attention because they are sub-titled, if you look away to play with the dog, and then back up, you wonder “why are they looking for lost children?”

  4. I haven’t been to a movie theater in over a year. Been watching old movies lately. So enjoyable. Just finished watching “Red Planet Mars” from 1952. My sister said it was really good, but I wondered about her interpretation of ‘good’ during the first half. Pretty bad acting (even Peter Graves), but the plot and my sister’s impression kept me watching.

    Then, near the middle, I sat up and said, “Huh?”. I’m not going to tell you why, in case you want to watch it yourself. Just want to say that if it were being made today, they NEVER would have used that plot twist.

    I do recommend it; just don’t expect good acting. Here’s the link:


  5. Thanks, Claudia. Gonna check that out over the weekend. 😀
    I like how it starts as “cheezy films presents” lolol

  6. I watch THE WALKING DEAD. It’s very pro liberty and pro gun. Last week’s episode showed a community giving up their guns then immediately getting gunned down by their anti-liberty assailants.

  7. I love TV! Thankfully, I’ve got “Perry Mason” on 6x/day here. And the local news (with copious amounts of “mute” during the broadcast 🙄 ).

    And then there’s “Sherlock!” & “Grantchester”… but those are BBC productions…

    Hmmmm… I guess Hollyweird IS doomed. 😳

  8. last movie … ’15:17 To Paris’, before that ‘Dunkirk’, before that, the latest Star Wars dreck (it’s been a Father/Son thing since 1978, so I kinda had to go) … before that ‘Master & Commander’ in 2003 (very authentic movie)

    now watch old tv shows (westerns, drama, comedy esp. Honeymooners) , old movies (John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Steve McQueen, Westerns) … Curmudgeon TV Channel!

  9. It’s a bunch ofself-important people back-slapping each other. (A more crude metaphor for congratulating each other also comes to mind, watch out for the HPV). Who wants to tune in for that?

  10. “That’s Hollywood – the crazy man holding signs, yelling at everyone that they must conform to his will or they are evil. “- Hunter

    I love a well tuned slam.

  11. Nothing as off-putting as overpaid people with delusional self-importance:
    the NBA, the NFL, Hollywood, US Senators, Rap ‘artists’, the uneducated liberal Media, teenage children of wealthy divorcees, European career politicians, Sierra Club officers…..

  12. They say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.
    Well, that may or may not be, but the greatest trick Hollywood ever pulled was convincing millions of people that an industry trade show like the Academy Awards was somehow important in their lives.

  13. The author of this article forgot to mention that it costs a fortune to go to a movie. Mrs Critic and I went to see Death Wish last night (only because the leftist critics said not to) and 2 tickets, a tub of crappy popcorn and a small bottle of water came to $36!

  14. Another point: People have become very accustomed to being able to control their entertainment. We don’t like not being able to pause, rewind, etc. Young people have grown up with video games where they are active participants in their own entertainment. We’re no longer good at being a captive audience. However minor, I think this is also a factor in the decline.


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