Holy Smokes – Look At Our Brave Coast Guard Intercepting Suspected Drug Smugglers

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  1. Amazing badassery!!

    If they had drugs on board, a couple grenades down the hatch would have made for a peaceful ending.

  2. Hot Damn! those ‘effer’s got balls of steel! … looked like the CSS Hunley … hoe lee crap!

    cool stuff

    ABC News reported this as ‘allegedly’ drug smuggling … yeah, it’s just a pleasure cruise by Captain Nemo … ffs

  3. Watching that makes me think of me Dad, Class of ’43-’45. USCGV Hornbeam.

    @Cliche Guevara – I am thinking, that vessel is not designed to go below the surface and not pressure rated for depths. The bullshit construction and crew could not handle any further depth. Also they have greater speed above the water and less drag than being under? That’s my guess. IOW NOT a real sub as we know it.

    CG was in the right place at the right time.

  4. The Munro is named after the only Coast Guardsman to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War II. For those of you going to the meetup this weekend, Munro was from Cle Elum. There is a memorial for him there. If you have time you might want to stop by to honor him and the brave men in the video.

  5. A few CS gas grenades lobbed down the hatch would get the crew out.

    These boats aren’t going to work well. The Germans used snorkels on the U- boats in WWII so they could run on diesel and charge their batteries while submerged. They were only partially effective because the snorkel left a wake and could be detected by radar. I suspect the CG radar gets a signature too.

  6. You just got handled.

    711 is my Brother’s Hull Number. He served on the USS San Francisco SSN-711! Rock On, my Brother!

  7. While in the Navy, and since leaving, I’ve talked to several people who ran drug interdiction’s while on a Navy ship. Get your side arm issued, full gear suited up, and let the heart start racing. This activity is not for the faint of heart.
    These are the true men and women (USCG, ICE, CBP, USN) serving on the front lines to protect us night and day.
    The average person can’t even begin to comprehend how dangerous this is, even with the spectacular body-cam.
    And realistically, this is a common & routine type of “chore” these brave soldiers/sailors perform all too often.

  8. @Cliche Guevara & @ghostglover –
    Small submersibles like these can only stay underwater for a brief time before they have to surface for fresh air. My guess is that since they didn’t submerge while being pursued they knew they wouldn’t last long underwater on their current reserves of O2.

  9. My guess is that the main advantage of this sort of drug-running pseudo-sub is a very low radar profile.

    Hey! iotwreport is in the whatfinger news center column!

  10. Even though we all know we are at WAR with drug smugglers, the USCG is highly trained NOT to kill the contents.

    IT is easy for us to say, drop one in “fire in the hole”, but they are trained to a different standard. That would not be safe for those that are ‘boarding’ that vessel.

    Also evidence must be collected, to some degree, for future prosecution.

    My pop was also on the ‘first’ USCGV – Legare.

    All said FULL ON BADASS.

    Thanks Menotu…

  11. @monkey it’s “¡halta su barco!”

    I.e. Stop Your Boat!

    What do you call four Mexicans on a boat going down?

    Cuatro Sinko

  12. @RadioMattM, Douglas Munro is the only Coast Guardsman ever who won the Medal of Honor. And I agree Munro’s memorial site here in Cle Elum is absolutely worth a stop.
    It’s awesome to see America’s Coasties still kicking ass!

  13. Unless something happens between now and then I will be there. Then I go to see the grandchildren! It will be a good trip!

    If I think of it, and can find it, I will bring my 5th grade picture.

  14. These boats have been in use for some time. It is never intended to dive below the surface, it is therefore called a semi submersible vessel. The point in doing this is to disguise as much of the vessle as possible. There’s a whole bunch of video you could spend hours watching about the design and construction of these vessels on YouLube.


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