This Home Covid Test Works!

This is so important. I want you all to be safe and well, so please do this for all your loved ones who depend on you!

It’s on Facebook, but the link works even if you don’t have Fakebook.

h/t Little Sis


19 Comments on This Home Covid Test Works!

  1. I’m trying that with Bombay Sapphire… but if I try it 19 times I won’t be getting back to you with the results!

  2. About to administer my ninth test tonight, problem is, I forgot what I’m testing myself for. Oh well, maybe it will hit me after a few more.

    And it’s true, every bit of it.

  4. Uncle Al,
    Try running adblocker. It works and I support the sites that I frequent through PayPal or patreon.

  5. Kettle One is my preferred “fast results” covid-19 home tests. Taking it every week religiously since long, long before “pandemic”. So far not one come out positive. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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