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“I’m going to redo my bathroom this afternoon”

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  1. The worst for me as when people go in thinking they’re to Landscape the whole yard, and the cart is full of weak annuals that will die within a week.

  2. r/r –
    Try switching polarity and lightly moisten the wood with a spray bottle – if it smokes too much, back off about ten amps and try it again. Practice makes perfect!

  3. I guess I’m abby normal then.

    I’ve installed vanities and sinks, swapped out toilets, swapped out every faucet for a good one, replaced every water isolation in the house, and am looking at changing the kitchen sink.

    Don’t have enough storage room for wood working projects.

    With a kid, I’ve also come semiprofessional at drilling door locks and replacing door knobs.

  4. I have a 1/2 Horse power motor for my garage door but it’s sort of sluggish. So the HD guy tells me I should get a 1/4 HP motor because
    it’s more powerful????

  5. Ha! While I’m not nearly as dumb in the DIY realm as this guy, I can relate. Having bought a new pad recently, I’ve been in Home Depot a bit recently. I go there with a small list of things and end up leaving with a bunch of stuff that was never on the list.

  6. I hired a kid with a vo-tech certificate and the foreman sent him up the scaffolding to get some measurements. He hollered down, “It’s 43 and three of those little lines wide.” I finally had to fire him because he kept leaving equipment behind on job sites (large stuff: a skil saw, a ladder). He filed for unemployment which I contested but he got because the state determined the foreman should have made sure he loaded up all the equipment.


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