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Homeowner’s Nightmare, Pest Controller’s Dream

So gross.

Guy Cuts Hole In Wall And Is Shocked By What Comes Pouring Out.
Nick’s Extreme Pest Control in California, has been in business for over 20 years — but in all that time, he’s never encountered something quite like this. It was a shocking discovery of epic proportions.

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  1. Well, did he put the acorns outside for the poor woodpecker to eat? That’s the least he should do considering he stole her stash.

  2. It’s such a glamorous job.

    Sometimes boring work mixed with what the…?!

    This would certainly make for another interesting day.

  3. I’m struck by the industry of the woodpecker, his work ethic, and the tenacity exhibited in taking care of himself and providing food stores for the future.

    Contrast that with our current crop of entitled, lazy, stupid, and soft bunch of humans we have spawned. Not having the foresight to look beyond their next meal or the diligence to better their station in life, they look to the government for security and succor.

  4. Acorns? Big deal. Here’s one for you.

    When I lived i w Texas, I had power brought out to an out building for my studio. It necessitated the power company setting a pole. Turns out they hit our sewer line from the house to the main that ran down the alley.

    Well it begins to back up into our crawl space under the house. My gal at the time had an acute sense of small and says why do I smell shit every time I walk in the door?, Me? Not so much but I do get a bad whiff on occasion, occasions that are becoming more frequent.

    There a couple hatches to the crawl space so I go down to discover Lake Poo and the the several 1,000 Texas sized cockroaches with beach front accommodations. Good fucking grief. At first sight my eyes were conveying images that my brain was having a hard time with.

    We vacated and dropped a hand full of roach bombs down there. Plumber had to come out to dig up the broken pipe and lay new pipe. Had about a 100 roaches that made it up into the house to do the Dance of Death.

  5. “The addition of some new vinyl siding by the homeowner should be enough to encourage her to find a new place to store her food.”

    Vinyl siding would encourage me to look elsewhere.

  6. It’s not unusual to see this kind of thing going on where I live. A State of CA parks building is riddled with woodpeckers holes with acorns. Siding had to be replaced on a few of the buildings. When they took the old siding off, it was full of acorns as well. Very entertaining….

  7. @MMinWA: I have a similar story to yours except worse. Our lawyer bought a new doublewide on a permanent foundation. After about 4 months she kept smelling something horrible. Her husband went under the house and discovered that they contractor didn’t hook up the septic lines from the house to the septic. Yep, The plastic pouch the hookup came in was full of you know what! Bad luck followed her right after that. She was in a car crash, ended up upside in an irrigation ditch. Her only daughter and her 2 friends were killed. She ended up moving to Oklahoma to be near her father. They found her in the hot tub dead from an OD. Just a crappy story all around. 🙁

  8. ^^^^^ All through the central valley. Acorns, Woodpeckers, and Tree Squirrels cost me over 10K twice in roof repair. You could hear the damn tree squirrels ripping the shingles off the roof to get at the acorns the Wood Peckers hid.
    That house was in a pretty snobby gated community and my solution was frowned upon. Until hit started happening to HOA board members. My solution was a 2200 fps pellet gun.
    One guy hired some clown that sprayed Tabasco sauce all over his roof. WTF? It was easy to spot. It was the house with all the flies around it.

  9. Brad FEBRUARY 4, 2023 AT 2:51 PM

    “My solution was a 2200 fps pellet gun.”


    WOW! Mine is a .22 cal standard 800 FPS and is deadly accurate. Plenty for what I need.

    I can’t imagine the damage 2200 FPS would do. That would penetrate quite a few house materials.

    Was that a .177, or something larger?

  10. The woodpecker is clearly racist. Accumulating more than she needs for the moment? Pure white racist behavior. Obviously an upper middle income female, she’s statistically likely to hate herself for her racism and virtue signal to beat hell in order to expiate the guilt. We won’t do the appropriation angle as the man steals everything from the poor indigenous woodpecker.

  11. For me, it’s an interesting twist to hear woodpeckers collect nuts. They only eat live bugs from dead trees around here. Which is why they peck at dead wood in the first place.

    Need to do some homework now. Always something to learn.

    Just how I imagine spending eternity with my creator.

    Always something to learn.

  12. Dadof4

    .22 pellets. A Umarex. You could tone it down. I had a 800 fps .177 cal and it wasn’t killing the squirrels. Which were the critters doing all the damage. Very heavily treed 2 acres.
    Tile roofs are nice. Which is what’s on our home now.

  13. “For me, it’s an interesting twist to hear woodpeckers collect nuts.”

    You are right. I’m not sure why the collect acorns. I’ve certainly never seen one eat an acorn. But I’ve seen them hide them under my shingle a bunch of times. I’ve also watched them drop acorns into a hollow knot hole in an old oak that was on our property.

  14. @ Brad

    Yeah. Regular .177s are useless against squirrels. 2200 fps .177s would blast right through them, though. My 14 gr .22 cal goes through the shoulders and is caught just under the skin on the other side. Perfectly effective for my need.

    I do need to talk to the police on occasion because of Karens calling in a MWAG,

    I would love to see their faces when I shook the cop’s hand and we parted ways without me being arrested or harassed in any way. I am licensed for this work and it’s not a firearm, even though it looks pretty scary.

  15. Dadof4
    Oh I know. We’re still on 2 acres, different house. The just built a sub division behind us and all Bay Area people moved in. Last week end my oldest brought his 9 year old over with a Red Ryder BB gun. They set up some cans with a safe back stop and started shooting cans. Within 5 minutes we had an audience peering over the fence line, cell phones in hand. The guy right behind us work for Intel and he’s from India. He was actually pacing back and forth. Sheriffs never showed up. I was disappointed. I know most of them. But you would have that they were firing a 300 winmag the way these idiots were reacting.

  16. @ Brad

    I’ve had to talk to the police for sighting in a bb rifle in my back yard.

    Interesting aspect of that moment was 3 different squads responded to MWAG and I didn’t realize it was me until the second cop told me what they were responding to. She stopped at the end of my driveway when she saw me standing there.

    I’m saying what race they were because it ended in a “Good Ol’ boy” fashion. Which was confusing to me.

    Second cop was black. The 3rd one was a very large hispanic man. The first was a captain rushing up to the caller’s house two doors down.

    I talked to the Black female officer and explained it must be me they were responding to because I just finished sighting a bb rifle in in my back yard, I just put it in the back seat of my truck as the first officer quickly pulled up and rushed to my neighbor’s front door. That made me step to my sidewalk and wonder what was going on.

    With all 3 of them surrounding me as she told the captain what I said – he waved his hand and said “that makes sense”. I asked if he wanted to see the rifle and he said: “Nah. It’s good.”

    I felt like I was in Good Ol’ Boy’s club but there was only two of us that were white. Felt really strange at the moment.

    I guess the neighbor said she didn’t hear any reports of gun fire when witnessing me?

    I had a pigeon job that I was picking them off at and the rear sight came loose one afternoon.

  17. My Russian wife still belts out a blood-curdling scream from time to time when she is surprised by an East Texas wood roach. “EET WAS A MONSTER!” lol


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