Homina Homina Homina…

We reported on this late last night, but it warrants repeating. The last thing any lefty in Detroit wants is a recount of an election. That would expose their Banana Republic way of conducting elections.

Pictured in this post is Daniel Baxter, Detroit City Clerk. Upon learning of Jill Stein’s recount he suddenly remembered that the machines the day of the election were broken. He never told anyone about it until the recount started.

Funny that.

He said the machines probably counted some singular Hillary votes 3, 4, maybe 5 times.


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  1. Let’s recount Los Angeles and San Fran California! No doubt Hillary’s “popular” vote is as legit as Detroit’s is.

  2. BFH
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    Is it possible to get a new
    Pearl Harbor USS Arizona thread.
    I don’t want to step on the others.
    10 pic links of reflections.

  3. Recount Nevada. They’ve discovered massive fraud in Clark county.
    The fact of the matter is Trump not only won he beat extensive Democrat voter fraud and illegal votes across the nation. And they have the nerve to challenge the legitimacy and demand costly time intensive recounts just to delegitimize Trump.

  4. Seattle/King County should simply not get to participate in federal elections period. Or State elections for that matter.

  5. I remember Sir Edmund PIAPS standing in the well of the Senate demanding that the old style voting machines be scrapped in favor of the new, modern scanner ones that couldn’t be tampered with and that would guarantee that every vote would be counted. Yeh, I’m sure Georgie Porgie Soros’ vote machine company gave a very large donation to the clintoon crime family for that rousing endorsement on the floor of the Senate.

  6. Come on America, you put a man on the bloody moon, surely you can make sure that registered voters get 1 vote, in the precinct they are legally registered in.

  7. @JDHasty saw a story today about a more serious than usual effort in Eastern WA to secede and form a new state called Liberty.

    Maybe Idaho needs to get bigger and be the NW version of Texas.

  8. Could someone slap him for me? He deserves it! At least here in Boston we know how to cook an election. At least we would use either an Ebola outbreak or burn down the warehouse that holds the ballots to cover our arses. These Detroiters don’t know when to shut up. Either come up with a real excuse or let the cards fall as they may. When you start to use juvenile excuses, that is when you are fried.

  9. Prison! Trump needs to open a federal investigation into this election. Stein is right about one thing. The election process needs to be shown to be honest and tamperproof if people are going to trust it again. You’ve reached a very bad place where voters just accept that there is fraud in the election process and figure it’s just part of the process.

  10. Snyder should beat Ds senseless with this story, and use it get laws passed to improve vote integrity.

    And let BO know that voter fraud does exist.

  11. “It looks like Detroit counts each vote more than SIX TIMES! No wonder they get such high turnout rates!”

    It’s only fair that Madonna blow every voter in Detroit six times.

  12. Citizens that violate our trust such as this turd and the many Bob Creemers out there should be stripped of their citizenship and flown to the county of their choice and never be allowed back. And if no county wants them then I suggest a military mission and a parachute drop into N Korea or Iraq. Hell, I would pay into a fund to get it done as long as I got to see a video of them as they get thrown out the door.

  13. Tar and feathers with a one-way ticket out of the US. Let other countries know we don’t tolerate this kind of shit anymore.

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