Hong Kong Nears an Abyss

Epoch Times:

Distinguishing facts from propaganda during two months of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong is difficult, but  important realities now appear clear.

China solemnly agreed to special status for Hong Kong in the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration. It promised a “high degree of autonomy,” and declared that democracy, the rule of law, and basic human rights would be maintained under the “one country, two systems” model for 50 years.

Beijing has systematically violated these commitments since the 1997 handover, especially in recent years. Its appointed Hong Kong government has opted not to safeguard its autonomy. This harms the city, including its estimated 300,000 Canadian residents, and the vast amount of investment that now enters China through it in large measure because of the still exemplary legal system.

Beijing’s 2014 White Paper on Hong Kong effectively dismissed the continued applicability of the Joint Declaration. It refused to honour long-promised democratic reforms in 2014-15. Some elected legislators were barred from taking up their office in the partially democratic Legislative Council. Some candidates were barred from running for office. Pro-democracy protesters faced harsh sentences; a political party was banned.

A proposed extradition law from Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam would have allowed the removal of persons in transit and political dissidents from the city to mainland China to face an Orwellian system without fair trials or judicial independence, and with widespread torture, forced confessions, televised confessions and executions.

The bill brought a million Hong Kongers into the streets on June 9. Three days later, protesters at a second demonstration were met with police tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and batons. Later, Lam announced she would “suspend” the measure, but protesters demanded its complete, unconditional, and permanent withdrawal. A week later, two million persons took to the streets. Lam has since declared the bill “dead” but her refusal to withdraw it completely has led to more protests. more here

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  1. Where are America’s CEOs who invest in China on this issue?

    They have tons of opinions about meaningless SJW bull but on an issue of tremendous consequence they’ve become church mice.

    At this point, China’s membership in the WTO needs to be scrutinized. They have and continue to act in bad faith. If they don’t back off, they should be expelled.

    Ultimately, they would probably decide taking over Hong Kong to be more important than being in the WTO.

  2. Meanwhile the democrat congress is busying themselves blaming Trump policies for the trouble and supporting mainland China. Pelousy has blocked the finalizing of the trade agreement with Canada and is interfering with the new trade proposals with England.
    The old floozy should be slapped in irons.

  3. The British nickname for going out for Chinese takeout food is “Attack A Chink”. True story!

    But in Hong Kong, takeout attack YOU!

  4. Maybe it’s time for the people in Hong Kong to dig out the long guns and dust them off.

    AS Chairman Mao pointed out, all political power grows from the barrel of a gun.

  5. Wild card Trump is keeping the commies nervous
    about HK. The EU will fold as soon as their
    business with the reds is threatened.
    The Chicoms will murder/jail everyone who wants
    freedom as soon as they can figure out how to
    lock down information and news out of HK.
    The only real weapon the HK people have is
    scorched earth at the first sign of attack.

  6. Trump could station a task group (with Taiwan and British ships) well off those artificial islands that the Reds illegally built to extend their control over an area they had no right to be in. Make it clear that if Hong Kong suffers a Tiananmen Square and is occupied by the army then these islands cease to exist. China brags about how advanced and strong their AirForce and Navy is (based largely on what they think are successful tech thefts) but I suspect it is more of a paper tiger then it wants known or confirmed in the South China Sea. A few public Congressional Investigations in the cozy relationships some Democrat members have with the Chinese ought to shut Pelosi up while the big boys settle this.

  7. Shut down the Hong Kong stock exchange, and the whole world will take notice. The Hong Kong stock exchange is the one thing keeping the tanks out of Hong Kong.

  8. This is shocking! It’s not like the Chicoms to lie. What’s the world coming to when you can’t trust Commie Chinaman?

  9. Not sure if this reaches the status of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    But it shows the chicoms are willing to throw a lot of golden eggs into the abyss in an effort to force their will and control over people. Throughout history the Chinese rulers have repeatedly shown a willingness to kill huge numbers of their own people to force their control over the people.

  10. …the extradition bill, from Carrie Lam… soft words indeed, from the writer, who suggests in this way Carrie Lam is behind the bill. Anyone with the most circumstantial knowledge of socialism or communism knows these measures come from the central command, not the provinces. Further, the ‘speculation’ as to the immediate outcome of the protests is more misty ephemera. Again, based on known history the socialist or communist government will accept one of two outcomes only. Either the protesters shut up and toe the party line or they will be crushed with overwhelming force. No third way need be or is being considered.

    It is genuinely shocking, with all the recent evidence before us, that thinking people would even consider a possible third outcome. Once the people are largely disarmed government has nothing to fear in isolated uprisings, even in Beijing’s Tienamen Square.

    Take mortal heed, citizens of the United States.

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