Hope All of Our Friends in Alaska Are Safe – Some Scary Footage – IOTW Report

Hope All of Our Friends in Alaska Are Safe – Some Scary Footage

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  1. Bad enough to have blistering cold weather.
    But then throw in the large magnitude earthquakes.
    Alaskans are a tough breed of people.

  2. I was out in Oklahoma September 2016 and They had a large (to Me)

    Earthquake…The Motel 6 I was staying at in Shawnee rocked and

    or rolled a bit much for My Liking…

    Give Me a Florida Cat 5 H-cane any day!!!!!!!

  3. It’s so creepy. The ground is NOT SUPPOSED TO MOVE, dammit! That’s why the ocean annoys me. I know we have AK commenters and lurkers. Hope you guys are doing okay. You guys are badasses. You will get through this. ❤️

  4. Alaskans are tough.
    Been thinking of moving there as Arizona is filling up with damn Californians
    Bears are more reasonable than liberals

  5. Brother in law from Anchorage reports no damage to his home but the school his wife works at was damaged. Didn’t feel anything myself but numerous around Fbks have told me they got shook around a bit.

    @Lazlo One third of Alaskans are employed by some branch of government and the bears are definitely more reasonable.

  6. I was stationed at Los Angeles AFS in early 1970s. I remember the Sylmar quake. I had just shut off the alarm and was getting ready to get up when the bed was shaking.
    In the three tears there I got used to minor tremors.

  7. My wife’s cousin was stationed there in 64, was in a parking lot and got knocked to the ground it was moving around and heaving so much.
    I can’t imagine what that’s like

  8. There is going to be a lot of cleaning up to do. I had no idea a 7.0 would shake the contents out of the cabinets and I can imagine what the supermarkets look like. Major road repairs needed also. I have not heard of injuries of deaths thankfully.

  9. @ Jerry Manderin

    I believe that Mooch was passing gas somewhere in the state of Washington about this time …


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