I did this image a long, long time ago. Now that he’s speaker, I’m not so sure he’s the antidote. He might be closer to the poison.

We’ll soon see.


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  1. It is hard to imagine a worse choice for Speaker. There are legions of eRepublicans that would be just as bad, but it is hard to imagine one that would be worse than Ryan.

  2. If he got shellacked in a debate with an abject moron like Joe Biden it is hard for me to conceive of how this loser is going to advance any agenda items against the Chicago mafia.

  3. (From the Conservative Treehouse) He was a KEY player in the following, pay close attention to item four:

    ♦ The republican party has removed the debt ceiling, entirely.

    ♦ The republican party has just extending unlimited federal spending through a continuing resolution through March 2017.

    ♦ The republican party, with full control of both the House and Senate, did not put a budget on the presidents desk for fiscal year 2016 (it began October 1st).

    ♦ The republican party has just voted to install the Chairman of the Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    ♦ The last federal budget was signed into law September of 2007. Effectively our nation will now travel through almost an entire decade without a federal budget.

    ♦ The republican party has re-authorized the crony capitalist Import Export Bank.

    ♦ The republican party has given Fast Track Trade Authority to President Obama, abdicating their role in approval of the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal. A deal with all details held in complete secrecy.

    ♦ The republican party gave President Obama approval for the Iranian Nuclear Arms Deal. Yet another deal whose details remain clouded in secrecy.

    ♦ The republican party has not defunded a single President Obama usurpation including executive amnesty – which has been found to be unconstitutional by a federal judge (Hanen – Texas), a decision upheld twice after appeal by the Obama White House.

    Do we really need to guess what this guy is all about?

  4. Imagine if Ryan had just got up in the middle of the debate with that total prick Biden.
    Pulled off his microphone and blasted him like Cruz did the media last night.
    Instead he sat there while Biden out-assholed any asshole I had ever heard or seen before him.

  5. What a 3 ring shit show, I just finished lunch while watching CSPAN. The Orange Man bawled his way out the door, then Nan said a bunch of bullshit and Ryan wouldn’t shut up about his family.

    It’s all lies, they’ll be dutch ruddering one another once again by this time tomorrow.

  6. Ryan got exactly what he wanted. His “The lady doth protest to much, methinks” performance and dictatorial demands proved to be effective manipulative strategies that backed Congress into a corner. Ryan is a maniacal threat, not a benefit to the American people.

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