Horrifying: Trans-Enthusiastic Parents Gush About Their Two-Year-Olds Communicating Their Desire to Transition to the Opposite Sex Through… Sign Language


I guess because they can’t really speak the words about such an issue yet, they gesture, and these luantic child-abusers interpret that as “buy me tucking underwear, Mommydaddy.”

This is thread is actually horrifying. No metaphor. It’s like a horror movie.

The state is actively punishing parents who refuse to accede to six year old’s totally-well-considered decision to take hormone blockers.

The state should be doing some enforcement and punishment, all right — but against parents indulging this weird living-through-your-children desire to transition themselves.


13 Comments on Horrifying: Trans-Enthusiastic Parents Gush About Their Two-Year-Olds Communicating Their Desire to Transition to the Opposite Sex Through… Sign Language

  1. That is nucking futs! These people need straight jackets and heavy psychological medications not children.

  2. CPS should give these parents the same kind of treatment Roger Stone received. These parents should be sterilized and permanently separated from their children.

  3. The “metoo!” movement of parenting… can’t we all just share the love (and how smugly smar-t) we all are. We’re millennial parents in a millennial e world – if only Madonna would rewrite the song.

  4. The influence of the Left to mainstream mental illness is quite evident. They are relentlessly chipping away at everything America stands for with no holds barred, including child abuse. Common Core looks pretty tame compared to this now doesn’t it?
    Collapse the system,
    Through any means possible!

  5. Both my sons when toddlers told me they were going to marry me when they grew up. They both would ask me why I didn’t have a pee pee and would ask their Daddy why he didn’t have boobies. My daughter tried to pee standing up like her brother. Kids are just curious, it doesn’t make them want to be the other sex and it’s very soon outgrown, but if you tell them they can be the other sex and buy them clothes of the opposite sex then you are forcing your bullshit on them and it should be child abuse to do so.

  6. Yeah, Dad, when are you going to grow a penis?

    Kids today should consider going into therapy and counseling because the left is providing job security for the field.

    I couldn’t get very far in the article–reading about such blatant child abuse makes me want to vomit.

  7. Are we going to be surprised in 20 years when we have transgender, gender fluid, cross dressing or whatever they identify as serial killers running around. Instead of blaming not being breast fed it will be my mommy made me dress up like a girl and called me Sally.

  8. Anon, many serial killers were dressed up like girls by their mothers, so it’s not that farfetched to say they are grooming serial killers.

  9. It’s time for the long rifles. Keep going until kids like this end up in the hands of relatives that aren’t insane.

  10. Mom! When am I going to start my period!?! Mary started hers when she was 14!
    Why do I have to keep telling you Marvin, you are never going to have a period!!!


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