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Hospitals Being Overwhelmed By Covid?

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  1. ERs are swamped with people complaining of runny nose and cough. How pathetic are we? This administration and media have set people’s hair on fire and for what?

  2. I was in the hospital today visiting my uncle the nurses were very quick with me to note I should pull my mask over my nose etc. etc. prior to Covid the nurses would be nothing but pleasant helpful caring and considerate these nurses were “Karen’s” that’s what they’ve done to people it’s a shame

  3. If they’re insisting that we the healthy and fit need to be jabbed or face consequences, they better GD well make sure that the morbidly obese and unfit are held to the same scrutiny first.

  4. I’ve found that putting the phase “Go fuck yourself” to music makes the whole experience pleasanter for all those involved.

  5. It’s beginning to circulate more and more: healthcare workers (and others) reporting that they are being told to come in to work even though they are Covid positive, as long as they are “asymptomatic.” These are people who are “vaxxed and boosted.”

    So, a vaxxed, Covid positive nurse can go to work but a Covid-free nurse cannot go to work because they’re not vaxxed.

    I think this is the main reason why the CDC changed the quarantine to 5 days –
    the baseless mandate which employers implemented has caused this problem. We have yet to realize the ramifications of this idiocy. Once it begins to snowball, hold on tight.

  6. I went to Seattle for 2 weeks. Mask every where, people scared to death, airline experience about like jail. Come back to Louisiana, attitude, fuck it. No mask, no fear, many have the disease but this is party time (football, Marci Gras, hunting, fishing, crawfish) and that takes priority.

  7. I’ve seen nurses posting on local FB pages (across the lake from Seattle) that their ERs are overloaded with people with cold symptoms wanting to be tested for Covid.

    Ya know, if maybe there was a treatment for Covid, people could go to their PCP, or Urgent Care for it and avoid the ER…freeing up beds and all that.

    @David Yeah. Lotsa multi mask wearing folks out here. WA state on the west side will be one of the last places to give up the tyranny. It’s a different story (mostly) in Eastern WA.

  8. Something I can’t understand. I was talking to someone today, they’ve finally came around to the fact that the government lied about masks, vaccines, and even that the majority who died from covid were probably fat, old or sick already.
    They still though can’t believe that only 5% or less died from covid because too many are dead across the world and to not believe that many have died is to be nuts to think the world are all in on it, because democrats are only here.
    I tried to explain leftists are all over the world, globalists are all over the world, NWO is something they’ve been planning and working towards for decades.
    They admitted they knew they had been around, but if that was their plan they sucked at it, because they haven’t accomplished it in all these years. I told them think about how close they’ve came this time.

    I then put it in a spiritual sense, the anti-christ will control the entire world for a short time.

    I think a lot of it has to do with nobody wants to admit they were taken for a fool, so they have to have at least one little bit of something to hold onto that they weren’t a total fool, so that’s what they hold onto.

  9. Old Racist White Woman, your last paragraph is what I have thought from the beginning of this farce. So many people bought into it so deeply, that they’re hanging onto it now because they can’t admit that they were duped. Then there are the true believers, and there’s no hope for them.

  10. News shows hundreds of people standing in line for Rona tests in Calif,(and probably other states too). Unvaxxed people standing in line because they need the test for their job per State gov’t, standing with people (vaxxed & otherwise) who want the test to see if they’re sick with the Rona. Now what could go wrong with that ???

  11. From UK ‘Telegraph” :
    ‘The study, which has not yet been published in full or peer-reviewed, shows that in air with 50 per cent humidity, akin to that circulated in large buildings, there is a “near-instant loss of infectivity in 50 to 60 per cent of the virus”.

    At much higher humidity, the droplet does not dry out instantly and remains fluid for longer, which means the virus remains stable and infectious for two minutes.

    However, even under these favourable conditions the virus loses 90 per cent of its infectiousness after ten minutes.’

    So it’s worse if you wear a mask creating a damp high humidity space around your nose, mouth, eyes.
    Every single night the local news goes into a jermiad of how ER’s and hospitals are overwhelmed by Omicron. Utter nonsense. Not at all believable that something akin to a common cold would overwhelm a facility unless that facility has a financial incentive to admit people.

    At least twice a week I pass 2 ER’s and make a point of going through the parking lot. Once I saw 3 cars at one ER in the patient portion. The staff lot is full. Most of the time the patient parking has zero vehicles.
    The lies keep piling up.

  12. The same people duped by COVID are the same people duped by the Democrat Party and statism (lumped term for Communism, Marxism, Socialism and everything else antithetical to human existence).

    Fuck ’em in the ass and…

  13. If your sick and it’s just the basic cold, allergies or flu stay the frickin’ hell home.

    I go into a medical facility once a week and everytime they check my temperature and ask if I have any Kung Fu Flu symptoms. Fuck no I don’t have any symptoms and if I did I wouldn’t come in to spread it, dumbass.

    Use common sense and cancel the appointment.

  14. After 2 years of this Controla virus doesn’t seem likely all of have been exposed?

    I have no doubt a good amount of us have a natural immunity even if not previously infected.
    I wore a mask when it was mandatory in Ohio. Walk into a store with mask on to be seen by the hall monitor and lower it as soon as no one was around so I could breath. Passive aggressive, I know. Then moved on to not wearing the mask at all even while it was mandatory. Screw it. No hand sanitizer simply washing my hands when out and about and when arriving home.

    The hubs and I had a common cold at the beginning of the week. may it was Omichron and who cares. 3 days and it’s gone.

  15. couple weeks ago, one night had some muscle aches & feelings of higher body temp (no fever, no chills) … got up, took some Ibuprophen … aches & temp went away. Omicron? who knows?
    couple nights ago, She Who Must Be Obeyed got a runny nose & watering eyes … took Zinc lozenges … went away by the next day …. Omicron? who knows?

    but, if I were to call my Dr., she would have told us to go the Emergency Room. & therein lies the problem. Screw that!

  16. my cousin’s hospital is overcrowded because they had to shut down two wings as a result of firing the unjabbed staff.

  17. A runny nose, headache and cough will send most people to the ER these days. so hospitals may be busy. All because of the misinformation and fear mongering going on.

  18. If your are talking with someone who is wearing a mask, keep asking them to repeat what they said or you repeat what they said incorrectly. Claim you can’t understand what they are saying because of the mask. Be a pain in the ass until they unmask. Then be friendly, smile and say “That’s much better”.

  19. We need Colombo to come back and solve this mystery. Why is a frail dementia patient running out country?


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