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“Hot” Summer Sales at Bed Bath & Beyond

Fox News

Bed Bath & Beyond is being accused of turning off the air conditioning in stores in an effort to cut costs as the retailer grapples with a significant drop in sales. More

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  1. Just spit ballin’ here, but maybe sales have declined because gas is friggin expensive to drive to the store and nobody has any money left after buying groceries?

  2. Or people like me just never ever go there. Just a minute, I just put Bed,bath & beyond most important list, NOT

  3. Stores must be Hot as Hell…
    And you canceled Mike Lindell & My Pillow, which actually brought people into your stores. Fools!

    Go woke, Go Broke…
    And for the record Bed, bath & Beyond TRUMP WON IN 2020.


  4. They dumped My Pillow so i was happy to dump them. I used to buy clearance hand towels from them for the animal shelter and then they stopped having anything decent. No big loss in avoiding this place.

  5. These past 2 years, I found myself going into stores that I normally shopped at. The mask crap made me furious. The stores whose employees acted like Nazis during it all, no longer get my business. DH hates shopping but he went with me to WalMart. Hadn’t been in there for at least a couple of months. Bought enough to where I won’t have to go back in for 6-8 months. Very few shoppers inside…money is scarce for many here.

  6. Goldenfoxx

    You can’t swing a dead cat with out hitting a couple Bed Bathe and Beyond stores down here. And, they’ve closed a few. Most womenz love the place. But I think they just built to many damn stores in some areas. Having said that, they have a lot of Chinese junk on their shelves too.

  7. I do repairs for a major Bank that decided to increase their branch average temperature to 23Celcius (73.4F) across the board to be “GREEN”

    NOW, they regularly request service calls because of “Too Hot/Humid in Branch complaints by staff.

    I drive over, test the units, and send them $400 bills to tell them, “Found nothing wrong with the units, Set the temperatures LOWER”
    (about 20 nothing wrong calls per year)

    I Love it!

    PS, its the First bank that Fucked the Trucker/Farmer Protesters.
    Tee Hee, as Al Bundy would say.

  8. Speaking of My Pillow, we just ordered a feather bed topper this week from them. We buy all of our sheets and towels from them and love their bedroom shoes. I’ve seen the quality and will keep on ordering from them instead of getting some Chinese product from somewhere else such as Bed Bath and Beyond.

  9. “That legal threat came two days after protesters were encouraged by Trump to march on the Capitol, in events that spiralled into a deadly riot. Lindell has continued to support the president following these events, offering a MyPillow discount code “FightForTrump” for customers ordering directly.”

    What a crock of CRAP.

  10. BB&B has threatened to stop accepting those ubiquitous “20% Off Single Item” coupons. Do that, baby, and kiss your sorry asses -good-bye-.

  11. So that’s what happened. We get a gift certificate for them every year or so. Used to go get towels. Last time I went,no towels, order online. No biggy. Get the towels and they are CRAP.

    Was puzzled because selling towels used to be their bread and butter.

    Now I know.

    Jeeze. How hard is it to NOT SCREW UP selling towels?

  12. Bed Bath and Bunghole was/is a store nobody needed. All that shit was somewhere else that didn’t have purple-haired, manifold pierced, surly till agents.

  13. Walked in without a mask in Portland store. Immediately jumped by a most obnoxious, repulsive mask Nazi. Turned around and left. Have not been back. Moved a thousand miles away. Still refuse to support them here. After what they did to Pillow guy they deserve to go broke. Good riddance.


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