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Hot Wheels Hot Tracks

Guy plots out a Hot Wheels xylophone and releases the cars to make a little music.


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  1. Christmas 1969. I wanted Hot wheels. I got Hot Wheels. Mom used what she called the “Orange Stick” that is, the track,on my bare bottom when she couldn’t “wait til your father gets home.” Needless to say, always be sure about what you want, because you’ll get it good and hard. In the end.

  2. No. No. no! If I had five hours to spend, would actually play Stairway to Heaven and make it work other than random notes.

  3. I had the orange sticks going down my basement steps with a flip and a jump at the end. Woo Hoo!

  4. Those were Mustangs….like….300 of the same Mustangs.

    Not sure if this guy is clear on the concept of a ‘collection’.

  5. This guy must have a very exciting life. After he exhausts himself with a full day of stamp collecting he unwinds by searching for ever new ways of wasting time, like toy cars.

  6. Still have all my hot wheels and even the old supercharger station. Tempted to drag them out and relive my childhood. Just had my Skittle Pool game with Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) on the box out over the weekend when some friends visited with their grand kids. When they got bored with that I pulled out the old Two Cushion Rebound game. Kept them occupied for hours.

  7. Every once in a while I blow the minds of today’s kids by bringing out my Battling Tops game. They are just as mesmerized as I was when it was new.

  8. Could be wrong but those cars sounded like Matchboxes, not Hot Wheels. Rolling too loud.
    Creative. I’d like to see his mechanism for releasing so many simultaneously.

  9. I’m old enough to remember when Hot Wheels first came out. My brother, myself and our friends spent entire days putting together all our combined track and having fun.

    THen we’d take M-80’s stolen from our older brothers’ stashes and blow the shit outta whatever car we felt like sacrificing that day.

    And THEN we’d go walk our bees on sewing thread leashes. Good times. Good times.

  10. “And THEN we’d go walk our bees on sewing thread leashes.’

    wow, and how is this possible?


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