House Budget Chair Begins Exploring “Single Payer”

Washington Examiner-

House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., has asked the Congressional Budget Office to analyze the effects of shifting all healthcare costs onto the federal government, a first step toward the “Medicare for all” legislation sought by progressives.

“Members of Congress developing proposals seeking to establish a single-payer system will face many important decisions that could have major implications for federal spending, national healthcare spending, and access to care,” Yarmuth said in a letter to Keith Hall, the director of the CBO. More

12 Comments on House Budget Chair Begins Exploring “Single Payer”

  1. As planned all along.

    we need your extra kidney…
    “…If you’ve paid for an ancestry report from, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline now owns your genetic identity”

    they OWN it. Not you, them.

  2. Heck since everything now days is a human right let’s just shift all the costs of living to the Government! They can print all the money they need to meet the needs! New slogan: A free luxury car in every free garage attached to every free house filled with free furniture, food, and whores! Can I get a big AMEN!

  3. It is key to the uniparty’s plan. The big money people want to import slave labor and have what’s left of the middle class pay their medical and food costs to keep the cost of that slave labor rock bottom. Subsedized housing will be next.

    I won’t walk into a store that displays a “Chamber of Commerce” sign.

  4. It all does make sense if this was the Uniparty’s plan from the beginning:
    1. install obozocare to trash the existing system (hospitals were initially lavished with money to buy out private physicians’ practices)
    2. no matter the cost to politicians’ credibility, keep the system in place for years, essentially sowing salt into the ground, so that the fee-for-service system is eradicated
    3. replace with garbage,-no other options exist

  5. All the good docs will bail out.
    Control ALL health care is a commie goal.
    Then they control your ass.
    BTW= Part of health care is your head.
    If you are declared to be mental by the
    state because you have a Bible in your house,
    well then no guns for you.Folks we are headed that way.

  6. Toby,
    I heard that was happening 40 years
    ago.Every hospital draws a newborns blood.
    Then they label/catalog it.Then they sell
    it…. Brave New Robotic Clone Cyborg world is coming.

  7. If I am not able to pay my water bill, the utility will shut off my water supply. I can survive without Medicare much longer than I could survive without water. Yet no one would be crying about how my right to water has been violated. Why? Because the water supply leading into my house is not my only means of getting water. I could get water from the grocery store, dig a well, etc.

    If through the utility company was the only way I could get water, I be in a terrible mess, along with many other people.

  8. @toby miles January 10, 2019 at 9:56 am

    > “…If you’ve paid for an ancestry report from, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline now owns your genetic identity”

    I’ll pencil that in on my “List of People to Give Fewer Fncks About” — right below “obsessive/compulsive outlet lickers”.

  9. @grool January 10, 2019 at 10:11 am

    > Keep the Senate. At all cost, keep the Senate.

    At ALL cost? That’s foolish. Rope is cheap. And there are more than five-hundred lampposts within walking distance of the Capitol.

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