House Dem Up and Comer Told To Turn Around and Leave

Lost in the news cycle yesterday were accusations of sexual harassment by a campaign staffer against Representative Ruben Kihuen (D-NV).
The account was relayed at the time to a member of the powerful Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and once confirmed, both the committee and minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on the congressman to resign.


Is Nancy finally cleaning her side of the House?

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  1. Congressional terms are only 2 years. Pelosi can’t afford this guy to stay because his actions will surely come up in 2018 and the Dems will lose the seat. She has to get a new, clean one in there asap.

  2. “Kihuen told Buzzfeed that he apologizes for anything that he may have said or done that made her feel uncomfortable.”

    Standard leftist script, probably written by a woman or at least approved by one.

    Face it, the privileged, elite, aristocratic congress, media and entertainment members, have no idea that somethings are off limits. It must be shaking the ‘feminists’ to their knees to realize how barbaric some men’s thinking is, and the even worse discovery; WOMEN are and have been enabling passively, if not actively, like Hillary, these horrible creatures.

  3. I didn’t mean to leave out other industries or workplaces. Sexist behavior is rampant in the military, and any industry where power can be used as a weapon. And yes, I do believe it goes for predatory women, as well.

  4. What ever happened to asking a woman to coffee, then lunch, then on a few dates, maybe a kiss, then “making out” a few times to “test the water” before suggesting heading to the bedroom? Maybe I could have a second career as a “seduction consultant”.

  5. Yeah, all of these so-called apologies sound exactly the same, don’t they? All are sorry for making someone feel uncomfortable, but none recall any behavior as reported.


    1. Women dress in a way to give off signals to men. They try to look attractive, get attention, flirt, and all the normal things you would expect.

    2. THEN, when men naturally react, the woman claims she is uncomfortable, or even harassed. The normal mating inter-actions between men and woman are being SKEWED. There are LOTS of gray area between rape/sexual-assault/harassment, and men who just want to know if the woman is interested.

    I’m getting sick and tired of women exploiting both sides of the fence here.

    If you are just a normal person, dressing normally, and a man disrespects you, goes over the line, FINE! He’s wrong, I get it.

    But for god’s sake. Let’s use some common sense here:
    1. Don’t go into a Hollywood hotel room alone.
    2. Don’t go in if someone answers the door in a bathrobe.
    3. Don’t go to Hollywood with naive expectations. It’s “something for something” in that town, and it usually involves sex.
    4. Tell the Congressman, “No. Sorry, I’m not interested.”
    5. Record the inter-action so you are believable.
    6. Report it RIGHT AWAY, so you are believable.
    7. Don’t send off any signals with appearance or behavior.
    8. Casually indicate you are in a relationship.
    9. Wear a wedding ring so people know you are taken.
    10. Have your boyfriend or husband pop by, just so everyone knows she is taken and he’s guarding his wife.
    11. Don’t go to parties with married Congressmen, that’s how you end up dead in the back of a car.
    12. Don’t have relationships with powerful married men. It doesn’t end well. Ask Monica.

    Every adults has to be responsible, not just men.


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