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House Democrats derail ‘Right to Try’ bill

CFP: President Trump has been pushing for “Right to Try” legislation almost since his campaign began.  The idea is that terminally ill patients, who’ve decided they have nothing to lose, should have the right to try experimental procedures and medication that may not be ready for mass implementation. Everyone understands that there are very real risks involved with this course of action but, if you’ve exhausted all other options, you may be ready for one last desperation play.

…Except currently, FDA restrictions won’t let you.

So, the President and Mike Pence made easing those regulations a centerpiece of their White House run. Trump even reiterated his support during his first State of the Union address. Unfortunately, the House of Representatives has pounded a stake through the idea.

On March 13th, they killed a bill that would have done precisely why the President and VP wanted.

From the NYT:

In a surprising rebuff to President Trump and Republican leaders, the House derailed a bill on Tuesday that would have given patients with terminal illnesses a right to try unproven experimental treatments.

The bill was considered under special fast-track procedures that required a two-thirds majority for passage, and it fell short. When the roll was called, 259 House members supported the bill, and 140 opposed it.

You can bet “sticking it” to Trump and Pence played a role here, but there’s a bigger issue at work. The majority of the opposition came from Democrats, who said the legislation would – get this – “endanger people dying of incurable diseases.”  Wait.  That can’t be right, can it?  more here

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  1. My terminally ill 48 year old mother and my terminally ill 78 year old father would have done anything for one last shot at partaking in the lives of their grand children…..My Mom never knew her grand babies….

  2. Socialism is a death cult.
    Just as is izlam.

    Kill your “inconvenient” children.
    Kill the old.
    Kill the infirm.
    Kill the untermenschen.
    Kill those who don’t “deserve” to live.
    Kill the “useless” eaters.
    Kill the mentally ill.
    Kill those whose standard of life isn’t up to MY standard.
    Kill those whose lives aren’t “worth” living.

    Gee … this sounds familiar …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “How sick do you have to be to place more value on federal authority than a human life?”

    You don’t have to be sick, just be a democrat who cares more about partisan politics than the American people.
    The House and Senate are filled with them.

  4. Democrats depend on a steady supply of dead people to keep voting. It’s their fastest growing demographic.

  5. “…Except currently, FDA restrictions won’t let you.”

    Oh, but they will let you kill yourself with your doctor’s help.

    How convenient.

  6. There is actually a group out there that fights against this kind of legislation. Their reasoning is that they haven’t seen it help a lot of people. So what? Does just sitting there waiting to die and never trying anything new help? Maybe, just maybe one of these new, untested treatments will help and save someone and then the process of manufacturing it and testing would be so much faster.

  7. No, that cocksucker Ryan let the “democrats” derail it. Get that faggot piece of shit out Ryan of that key job ASAP before he and that cunt McConnell hand congress over to those fucking democrats.

  8. The President should write an EO and allow it. He gave them both a chance and they screwed the pooch. Declaration of Independence says we have a right to life.
    And that gives the authorization. Either political party is full of are soles!

  9. Right now a young friend is in Mexico, 2 weeks into a radical medical therapy. 10 years ago, when he was 15, he had two huge tumors in his abdomen. He was in remission for many years, and seemed fine when I saw him last year, but now it has returned and is inoperable.
    Praying for him, but allowing US doctors to try different therapies would sure be nice.

  10. Like Hitlery & algore, for example, I guess we’re still looking for a democrap who IS ALIVE, to appreciate “life” to start with… 😳

  11. Death to Democrats is just a late term abortion and they are all for that – except for themselves, of course.

  12. I actually can see the selflessness in this. “I’m going to depart, but at least my death can be used as an experiment to help others someday”. One last sacrifice to help mankind on the part of the terminally ill. And yet the Dems, who claim to be all about people want to squash this. Pathetic.

  13. Democrats don’t like to kill people with guns; they like to kill them with doctors and regulations. Guns are so messy, and except for late term abortions the Democrats are in favor of terminal endings in a nice, clean, efficient and orderly fashion. It’s so progressive and civilized.

    These are the same types of people who invented gas chambers to take the place of shooting people and throwing them in a pit. Sure, the result is the same, but while Democrats still love death it’s much nicer this way.

  14. What if there is an experimental cancer cure that might help John McCain? If Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes seriously ill and there is a potential cure, would the dems just let her die?

  15. Someone with time should take a look at the ‘no’ votes and see what kind of ties to pharma exist.


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