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House Dems Rush To Put A Lid On Maricopa County Audit Report


The DC Swamp is launching an investigation into the Maricopa County, Arizona, election and ballot audit.  This should not come as a surprise after several strategy sessions in DC between the White House, executive branch, congress and allied media have taken place.

The issue is: “how to keep the illegitimacy of the current regime from surfacing.” [pdf of letter to Arizona auditors here]

The 2020 U.S. election was filled with fraud; in order to retain that fraud extreme measures are now being taken to impede, block, halt and stop any election audit that will reveal the corrupt activity.   Congress has selected the House Oversight and Reform Committee to lead the effort against Arizona. More

Arizona State Senate hearing about Maricopa County audit tomorrow. Here

21 Comments on House Dems Rush To Put A Lid On Maricopa County Audit Report

  1. Wake me up when the arrests begin. Hell, I might sleep forever.

  2. Wake me up for the revolution. Hope I can afford more ammo by then.

  3. Apparently the AZ audit is the biggest threat to our democracy…..

  4. The idiot Dems couldn’t make themselves look more guilty of voter fraud if they tried!

  5. It was today at 10 Pacific, 1 Eastern Std. time and I only saw the first 15 min. but it was very professional. when I got back to it I saw several articles regarding the findings at Gateway Pundit. AZ Senator Karen Fann mentioned they were taping the hearing today and it could be seen several places and if you can’t locate it I think it’s at Maricopa County AZ website too. One article I saw this pm said 70-some thousand ballots counted had no record of being mailed or something? Sounds like enuf to flip it!

  6. Sid Vicious Powell was right. They planned on cheating by X. But X didn’t get the job done. They had to go X squared. From todays numbers Trump went form losing Maricopa county by .47 percent to winning by 5%. And they’re saying these number are the tip of the ice berg. This is huge, and they are very well documented. Are heads going to roll? The Sheriff is part of this. That should be interesting. I asked a relative who lives there, how are these Libtards getting elected. He tells me they all campaigned as staunch conservatives. Dem plants.
    Todays news cycle includes General Woke Milly claiming he knew Trump was planning a coup. And all Trump supporters are scum bag Nazi Fascists.
    Also some media outlet is breaking a story that they have “possible” proof that Putin helped Trump get elected because Putin knows Trump is mentally unstable.
    The Biden Administration admitted they are censoring social media to prevent miss information about the election.
    Starting to feel awfully Nazi like around here all of a sudden.
    The need to change the news cycle. What do Libtards do when the need to make us focus on something else? Kill a bunch of us, with an AR.
    I never thought I’d see this kind of shit take place here.

  7. Hangings or firing squad? Doesn’t matter much to me as long as they’re public.

  8. Mystaclean

    It’s gotta happen at the state level. All of the Federal Law enforcement agencies are compromised. And furthermore if we do get control back every state needs to go through this audit so the Traitors can all be identified and rounded up. Trump won California.

  9. YouTube just took down the AZ audit.
    Nothing to see here…

    However, to quote biden***
    “This is a big fucking deal!”

  10. I added another pair of * to any time I write the asshole name biden***

    By the time this is over it will simply be *****

  11. These state audits are the worst thing since the Civil War,

  12. If I interpret this correctly, the Dems are more interested in the audit than they are in the process and the voting itself. Same old, same old

  13. Suddenly they want to audit the audit, no interest in seeing if the results viable. Sure looks like its only going to fixed with the second amendment tool.

  14. Maricopa County has
    announced that because of security concerns caused by the audit, it will replace all voting
    equipment turned over to Cyber Ninjas—potentially costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

    Suuure the concerns are because of the audit. Sounds more like coming up with a reason to cover your ass from fraud that was uncovered during the audit.


  16. Acting guilty much Demtards? You have been found out and you know it. If not, wouldn’t the audit prove that all us Trumpers are delusional, and a pack of liars? You should welcome the results unless it’s all true…and we know it is.

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