House Freedom Caucus Is Standing By Jordan


The House Freedom Caucus voted unanimously on Tuesday to support Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan amid allegations that he ignored claims of sexual abuse while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

“Jim Jordan is a man of integrity, and we believe him and stand with him 100 percent,” reads a statement from the caucus’s Twitter account.

Jordan is a co-founder of the caucus, which consists of conservative and libertarian Republicans.

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, the chairman of the caucus and a close ally of Jordan’s, told reporters that Jordan has the “unanimous support” of the nearly three dozen Freedom Caucus members. Meadows also said that there were unspecified “motives at play” to take down Jordan.


12 Comments on House Freedom Caucus Is Standing By Jordan

  1. Meanwhile, that oily shit Ryan is going to “await the findings” of the smear merchants. Why can’t he just man up and do the right thing when HE’S RETIRING ANYWAY??!!

  2. This is an MSNBC KCDC play
    PS KC DC showing early Coke signs
    NBC worked this
    Would you like to know more :

  3. Lying baby killing leftists will not give up on anything to get at Trump and anyone standing in his way. I despise liberals.

  4. Lemme guess: Ryan will “find” that Jordan was in a position to have known or reasonably suspected that rumors about sex abuse were founded. Therefore, in his position of ‘authority’ as a 20-something assistant coach he negligently failed to inform his superiors of what he knew or suspected. The fact that he denies this obvious truth and did not come forward earlier with an admission of fault will mean – with great sadness of course – that Jordan has lost all credibility as a Representative of the people of his District and should resign from the House, or face censure and removal. This ought to give CNN panels non-stop talking points for at least 2 weeks.

  5. Davy and 2 likers are shills in sight
    And the panty cluchers will wail
    And curse nothing is being done
    Meanwhile, Patriots know
    Here IOTW is the Greatest Show
    It’s the Bestest July since XMAS

  6. Rep. Jordon has done an extraordinarily fine job demonstrating character whilst at OSU awa his time in the Swamp of DC

  7. @ S’hilling Bells
    whatev. Just hide and watch. The RINOs will stab this patriot in the back. If you don’t believe that, you haven’t been paying attention

  8. This is what happens when a decent man tries to do the right thing up there. This is a good indicator of just how much they don’t want him in the speakership.


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