House GOP to Attempt Procedural Vote to Condemn Sanders’ Praise of Fidel Castro Republicans in Congress plan to attempt a procedural vote today on legislation which would condemn Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his recent remarks about Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

In a “60 Minutes” interview which aired on Sunday, Sanders praised Catro for his “massive literacy program” in Cuba.

“We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba but you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad. You know? When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing? Even though Fidel Castro did it?” more

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13 Comments on House GOP to Attempt Procedural Vote to Condemn Sanders’ Praise of Fidel Castro

  1. Sorry, I can’t get behind this. Bernie Sanders is an asshole, but he has a right to say these things, and we have an obligation to fight socialism/communism. Go on television, radio or social media to condemn his statements, but legislatively condemning Sanders for making statements only an asshole would make is still not in the spirit of the First Amendment.

  2. This puts them on the line, you either stand against it or you stand for it.

    No in between, and explain why you do so would be nice.

  3. The House GOP has entirely too much time on their hands. Where’s the outrage over Graham not pursuing the FISA court stuff as he promised. Why aren’t they condemning that!?
    How about condemning the House Democrats for wasting everyone’s time and money with their illegal impeachment court? crickets.

  4. With scumbags boehner andd ryan gone (paid off, for sure – ryan is on the board of fox news!) and PDJT running the show, it’s a different day.

  5. Excellent move. It forces the face off of dRat vs dRat and sets it into Congressional record. Great strategy against the entire dRat party.

  6. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk, I respectfully disagree. Congressional condemnation of his remarks in no way prevents him from saying them; it just places on record the names of Congress-critters who disagree with Comrade Sanders, and better still, those who do NOT condemn his remarks (so we can vote these punks out of office).

    Who else has received official Congressional disapproval of his remarks? Has such disapproval ever silenced a person, or has it actually encouraged him and those who agree with him?

  7. AbigailAdams, I agree. They have had 4 years to unleash the power of the free market to solve the health insurance problem they have created. Change the tax laws so that any group (not just employers) can offer its members group medical insurance; the larger the group, the more the savings, and the less the risk of insuring folks with pre-existing conditions. Every time I was hired for full-time work, I got employee medical insurance and was never once asked about pre-existing conditions.


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