House Intel: Witnesses Corroborated Jeff Sessions’ Claims About Papadopoulos Exchange

DC: A new report from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence backs up testimony from Attorney General Jeff Sessions about a hotly contested exchange he had during the 2016 presidential campaign with Trump adviser George Papadopoulos.

Reuters reported three anonymous sources have disputed Sessions’ claim that during a March 31, 2016, meeting of the Trump foreign policy team, he rebuffed a suggestion from Papadopoulos that members of the Trump campaign meet with Russian government officials.

Sessions told the House Intelligence Committee during a closed-door interview on Nov. 30: “I felt like, and I’m the chairman of this group — I should not do anything that indicated to Mr. Papadopoulos that he was authorized to go to Russia or anyplace else to represent the Trump campaign and do some sort of negotiations. So I pushed back pretty sharply on that.”   read more


6 Comments on House Intel: Witnesses Corroborated Jeff Sessions’ Claims About Papadopoulos Exchange

  1. ah yes … the old ‘anonymous sources’ …

    when the leftist have nothing to substantiate their storyline they always use ‘anonymous sources’ … much easier than actual facts … repeat it enough & the vacuous idiot sheeple will bleat it continuously, stifling all argument

  2. Unnamed sources and Redacted Sources. If pushing back is that important, name the names.

    I wonder what Sessions means when he mentioned, “So I pushed back pretty sharply on that.”

  3. Has Sessions pushed hard on The Hillary E-mail, national security issues and the laws she ignored? How about the Pay to Play allegations at the State Department? Fraud at the Clinton Foundation and illegal contributions? Uranium One?
    Is Sessions pushing back or pulling back or just treading water or did he recuse himself?? I can’t tell.

  4. 4 people, known to the committee, testified UNDER OATH that Sessions was telling the truth, but reuters has 3 anonymous sources that contradict the testimony? Gee, I wonder who is lying?

  5. Trump seems to keep alot on his plate at all times.


  6. Glad to see Sessions position was confirmed, he wanted to do nothing, and stood is ground. And he has witnesses that will support him.


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