House of the rising sun


h/t Doc

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  1. I hate to ask why he is called lead belly.
    The artists that you highlighted over the last few days.
    Do know if they wrote the words and music?

  2. Ya learn something old every day. History can be interesting.

    From a musical standpoint I kinda like the reggae version Colin Dussault does on his album Colin Dussault His Blues Project And Friends (old). I can’t find it on You Tube.

  3. Yeah Dad I saw that one too, but it’s just another version, not nearly as good as the one I was looking for. I have it in my personal collection, but I searched seven ways to Sunday for the album cut, but couldn’t find it. I thought maybe he’s on iTunes (so that you could sample it), but I couldn’t find him there either. It is hard to describe because it’s a Blues reggae, not hard core reggae.’s_Blues_Project


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