House Oversight Recommends Charges For Hillary’s IT Guy


The House Oversight Committee has forwarded recommendations for charges against Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s computer specialist, for his refusal to obey two subpoenas to testify before the committee twice.  The recommendation was sent to Jeff Session’s Justice Department and prosecution of Mr. Pagliano is viewed as a critical measure to ensure future witnesses comply with Congress.


I hope this is just the beginning of going after these criminals and not the end.



25 Comments on House Oversight Recommends Charges For Hillary’s IT Guy

  1. Put him UNDER the jailhouse, unless he becomes State’s Witness.

    Of course, after he testifies, the only place he will be safe and out of reach of the long arm of the Clintons is on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri or as a quarterback on the Browns’ roster.

  2. Someone should tell Pagliano’s attorney that there’s a new sheriff in town who will prosecute contempt of Congress charges.
    Oh well, let the games begin.
    Maybe Bryan will like being Bubba’s bitch.

  3. put his yarbles in a vice and tell him he can sing now or he will be singing soprano fro the rest of his life.

    The only thing better than Trump winning would be the Clinton machine going to prison. I have hope for that change. That kind of change will bring real hope. That and repealing Obamacare; never underestimate the GOP’s ability to shoot themselves in the head. But I digress.

  4. Haw Haw!
    I can tell from here, that birdie can sing.
    I would like to see a video of his face on election night when the announcement came for Trump for the WIN!

  5. He had better squeal like a pig in a bear hug or he will end up with Bubba as his cellmate.

    He’s going to learn a lot about “prison love” if he tries to protect the corrupt Clinton machine.

  6. Throw his @ss in jail. Do you think any of us “little” people could get away with that crap? Either the laws are for everyone, or they mean nothing.

  7. What about the three muslim brothers who worked for the Capitol IT department who were fired for spying? What’s happening with them??

  8. Better not take any rides with friends that have 3 mil plastic on the back seat.
    Stay away from airplanes weightlifting equipments and that sort of thing.

  9. For anyone taking bets, the odds for a fatal accident, or ending up like Seth Rich, gunshot wound to the head, have climbed astronomically. Watch your back, Bryan!

  10. There is a CHANCE that justice will be served.
    If Hillary were elected, there would be NO chance.
    – Hillary’s Justice Department could have been even more politically biased and corrupt than Obama’s – and that’s saying something.

  11. I can hear it in my imagination right now…

    Bryan, just ignore the subpoena and sit tight. After the election, I’ll make all this go away. Trust me, you’ll be please with how this ends up.

    *snort* *snicker* Heh! Heh-heh-heh! Hee-hee!

  12. The smug look on his face being” wiped with a cloth or something”, has got to be epic.
    He was counting on Madam President, instead he got a new sheriff.
    Pretty sure AG Sessions will broach no foolishness.

  13. Classic DA move. Threaten the little fish with hard time so he will testify and help put the big fish in the big house. I bet Hitlery is squirming right about now.

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