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House panel votes to defund Obamacare


A House panel advanced a spending bill that effectively rolls back several provisions of Obamacare in the Republicans’ latest attempts to challenge the controversial law.


The House Appropriations Committee voted 30-21 along party lines to advance a $153 billion funding bill for several federal agencies such as the Department of Labor and Department of Health and Human Services. The bill now goes before the full House.

The legislation defunds existing Obamacare programs and it stops any new discretionary funding from being used to further implement the law.

It halts funding for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Navigator programs, which dole out grants to nonprofits and other organizations to help consumers understand how to access health coverage. It also prohibits funds for the new Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, which helps implement Obamacare reforms. more

8 Comments on House panel votes to defund Obamacare

  1. Fuck every damn last one of them – both Republicans and Democrats alike.

    They don’t mean it. We know it. Time to REFUSE to pay for it.

    I’m ready to die, not for my country (which is already dead many years), but for truth.

    Health Care isn’t provided by God, therefore it isn’t a “right”.

    Only God bestows us our rights, and only God can take them away – not government.

  2. Empty gesture by an empty headed Congress for a law proposed by an empty headed president thrust upon an empty headed American public.

    These people are unfcuking real.

  3. Fuck the Republicans. Their majority Congressional presence is meaningless to everyone who wasted their votes on them.

  4. There have been times when I have posted articles while rolling my eyes then shaking my head. This was one of those times.
    It’s gonna be an eye roller of a week, I think.

  5. Unless Obongo’s signing the bill (after Yurtle McConnell passes it in the Senate, that is), this is just another meaningless gesture for them to use to panhandle for campaign dollars to “stop Obongo’s agenda by returning me to Congress”.
    No, I’m afraid I’m not buying their goods anymore. Time for Washington to get an enema with the nozzle inserted firmly in Boner’s butt.

  6. Let’s just pass some chickenshit bill that we know ain’t gonna fly and Obola ain’t gonna sign, just to keep the dummies pourin in the money.

    Ryan? McConnell? Rubio? JEB? Y’all good with this?

    Ohhhhhhhh … I’m so happy I could cry …

  7. At this point it’s all just a minstrel show put on by a rino GOP. If real conservatives had been in charge Obamacare could have been hamstrung long ago and some real reforms been enacted that would not have put the health care system on the road to destruction. Watch for the first rumblings of single-payer to come up in a couple of years as the wheels truly start to come off.
    It sure would be interesting for people to look a little deeply into the Chief Justice’s past to see what the Democrats have found that he wanted so desperately to hide that he ignored the actual words on the act. God help you all if Ginsberg and Kennedy decide to retire and Obama gets to pick two more SCOTUS judges in front of a whipped GOP controlled congress.

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