House Passed Farm Bill With Amnesty for Thousands of Illegal Aliens

From the Progressive Farmer – WASHINGTON, D.C. (DTN) — The House late on Wednesday passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act by a vote of 260 to 165, passing legislation that has strong backing from most agricultural groups, but is opposed by the American Farm Bureau Federation and conservative groups such as the Heritage Foundation.

The 260 members who voted for it included 226 Democrats and 34 Republicans, while 161 Republicans, three Democrats and one independent voted against it and one Democrat voted present.

The bill, which would ease immigration for agricultural workers, won the support of more than 300 farm groups and the United Farm Workers. The National Milk Producers Federation praised the bill as an opportunity to alleviate some of the labor pressures facing dairy farmers.

From Breitbart: This is the same article posted by MJA about Mo Brooks statement that Obama should be impeached based on Democrats’ ‘Abuse of Power’ Standard.

I started to listen to the interview, but for the first thirteen minutes, they talked about this Farm Bill. The Democrats and some RINOs are slipping this through during the intense scrutiny of impeachment. Listen to the interview and pay attention to what Mo Brooks says about keeping wages down in 2020 in order to bring in more illegal alien workers. ALSO, listen to what he says about their plan to provide AMNESTY to the illegal aliens.

Go here to listen to the audio.

9 Comments on House Passed Farm Bill With Amnesty for Thousands of Illegal Aliens

  1. If we enforce vagrancy laws in the big city, we would have plenty of farm workers
    They can work off their debt to society picking produce.

  2. If the Teamsters picked lettuce, it would cost $20 a head, and you’d find a Guido’s head in the bin every once in a while.

  3. Zactly.
    Eliminate the welfare hammock, and those welfare rats will gladly do those jobs that the wetbacks now do.
    Matter of fact, they will probably take them back and throw them over that great big beautiful wall.

  4. The boys around here have been spraying Roundup since it made their lives easier…30 years ago? 40 years ago?…..50 years ago? and the poor bastards are dieing into their 90’s….

  5. Funny it was Tlaib who voted “present”. Wonder what she’s got against illegal immigrants?
    Was a RINO, Newhouse who sponsored the Bill.


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