House Republicans on Border Tour Learn How Smugglers Recycle Immigrant Children


Congressional Republicans who toured the southern border this week were shocked to know how smugglers recycle children across the border.

The Republican delegation touring the southern border included Reps. John Joyce of Pennsylvania, Pete Stauber of Minnesota, Dusty Johnson of South Dakota, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Sean Duffy Wisconsin’s 7th district, and Duncan Hunter from California’s 50th district.

“I think the entire delegation was shocked,” said Luke Ball, press secretary for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), according to Washington Examiner. 

The delegation witnessed illegal immigration firsthand on the border near the Colorado River according to a video shared by Ball on Twitter on April 18. The video shows immigrants in family units, almost everyone with a child.

In another video shared by Ball on Twitter on Wednesday, Border Patrol is seen leading over 40 illegal aliens caught trying to cross the border.

“Over 40 illegal immigrants caught at the border. Two border patrol agents are leading them to processing. There is no fence or wall in this area. #BuildTheWall,” said Ball.  more 

4 Comments on House Republicans on Border Tour Learn How Smugglers Recycle Immigrant Children

  1. DNA should be used to confirm the children of people claiming them are actually their children.

    And facial recognition technology should screen those children to be sure they are not coming in a second time, to be confirmed by fingerprints as proof it they are flagged by the facial recognition.

    But that makes sense, so it won’t be done.

  2. @Free Speech – If that is the case then he has no morals to begin with. You are describing a progressive liberal there

  3. Republican congress critters are shocked?!?

    Where in H… have they been? I’ve heard plenty about this situation – our congress does not represent the real people, only those with deep pockets who will never be personally touched by this invasion.


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