House Republicans vow tough questions for Mueller at hearing


WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans are pledging tough questioning of special counsel Robert Mueller when he testifies before Congress this week as Democrats plan to air evidence of wrongdoing by President Donald Trump in a potentially last-ditch bid to impeach him.

Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on House Judiciary Committee, said the American public is growing weary of the Russia investigation three months after the release of the special counsel’s 448-page report and that “any thought of impeachment is waning.” He said Republicans will be focused on making clear that the report represents a “final episode” in the Russia probe, which he described as flawed.

“Remember, the Mueller report is a one-sided report,” Collins said. “It has not been questioned from the other side. This is our chance to do that.”

14 Comments on House Republicans vow tough questions for Mueller at hearing

  1. I hope that’s what they do but:

    1) The Dems let them ask questions and not use some parliamentary weaselling to keep them from doing it


    2) The Dems don’t wake up and ask themselves “What are we doing?” and postpone the whole thing indefinitely.

  2. One question that should be asked: Why were you trying to overthrow the elected president of United States?

  3. Republicans ARE democrats so what are our expectations…really?
    Gowdy, for instance talks tough all day long and doesn’t do shit.

  4. RadioMattM, I agree with you. I can just see a serious, question asked by someone like Jim Jordan being silenced with “Point of order” until his time is up. Mueller will never have to answer any questions that Dems don’t want him to answer.

    I hope I’m wrong!

  5. I don’t understand the multiple articles and pundits all talking about what Republicans should ask, etc. etc. etc. except to spin up a brouhaha over this for ratings and clicks.

    AG Barr gave cover to Mueller so that he won’t answer any questions he doesn’t like. All he has to do is claim that his testimony is constrained to what is in the “four corners” of his report.

  6. Democrats are above the Law….One Coup attempt went bad, another on the way. Hillary is worth about $3 billion as the Foundation and priceless White House furniture awaits for a generation to pass..

  7. Personally, I don’t expect him to answer a single question. Exactly WHAT’S going to happen if he doesn’t? Contempt Of Congress from that band of ass wipes and other forms of cover uppers?

  8. Tough questions like “Is it ethical for prosecutors to make statements that the subject of an investigation was not exonerated?”

    Or “Given Weismann’s prior history of prosecutorial misconduct why did you appoint him to lead this investigation?”

  9. If Trey Gowdy has taught me anything, besides how many fucked up haircuts one person can have, it’s that Republican interrogators do not understand the subject matter, the laws that govern it or how to ask an open ended question.

    By the end, you’ll wonder if they can order their lunch at a counter without walking out penniless, pantless or carrying the establishment’s trash out to the dump.

    For people who allegedly support 2A, they are the gang that steps on their dick while simultaneously shooting themselves in the foot when they do it.

    They’ve had two years to think of questions. They need to be loaded for bear.

  10. janitor; SC Mueller BEGGED AG Barr to write that letter so he wouldn’t HAVE to answer questions he COULDN’T answer. Mueller was never anything but a name for the stationary. Weissmann was the real muscle. He would rather under go a series of root canals than be there today, and he’ll be relying on his sycophant for support.


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