House Schedule Indicates They’ll Be “Phoning It In” Next Year

Red State

It looks as though Democrats in the House of Representatives plan on using the COVID crisis to stay comfortably working from home well into next year should their schedule, released today, hold.  More

12 Comments on House Schedule Indicates They’ll Be “Phoning It In” Next Year

  1. Don’t even have to “phone it in”, the media will take care of things.
    If Biden is in,they will do all his talking for him.
    While the man himself stays comfortably numb at home and asked few unrehearsed questions and making few live appearances.

  2. Maybe some of the Demonrat’s votes will change between the casting and the counting? There is no voting fraud….. right?!

  3. I’d like to propose a Constitutional Amendment to the effect that the States have to meet in ‘an assembly’ in order to call for a session of Congress to be held. Details some other time.

    Shut the good-for-nothing-bastards down.

  4. Who wants to waste money playing the lottery? Just run for public office and get rich quick – little to no work involved! DISCLAIMER: Must be bilingual in Chinese.


    Different Tim,

    So now they’re going to screw me from home! Will I notice the difference?

    Yes…the slapping noise.

  5. Cut salaries to 1/2 , reduce office staff to zero, no reimbursements, no cars, no drivers, no cheap meals, no allowances,
    . Sounds great to me!


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