House Votes To Repeal Obamacare ‘Cadillac Tax’


The House voted to stop an unpopular Obamacare tax from taking effect. Republicans and Democrats joined together Wednesday to repeal the so-called Cadillac tax. The provision seeks to excise a 40-percent tax on top tier insurance plans in an attempt lower nationwide health care costs.

The tax has faced opposition by both sides of the aisle, causing several delays in its roll out. Critics say a fundamental issue of the Obama-era measure is that it is not adjustable to region, income level or health condition. Due to its lack of flexibility, legislators claim the levy harms middle class families the most.

“This tax will have a disproportionate impact on working families, particularly families with incomes between $38,000 and $100,000 a year while sparing the wealthy,” stated Rep. Judy Chu, (D) California

Both employers and unions have also stood in opposition to the measure as it penalizes employers for providing “luxurious” benefits for employees.
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10 Comments on House Votes To Repeal Obamacare ‘Cadillac Tax’

  1. Never has a law been so stripped of its prime tenets and yet still remain, officially, the law of the land.

  2. Funny how the Democrats change their socialistic viewpoints when it will cost them hundreds of votes in every district.
    – Who needs principles?

  3. 0-care snuck through by the skin of its teeth, the final Senator voting for cloture had already been replaced in a special election by Scott Brown who campaigned on voting against it. Not to mention the hotly contested Alaska and Minnesota Senate races in 2008. They put all sorts of things in just to appease the fence-sitting legislators – every single one a Democrat. As soon as it passed they started trying to reverse the special additions which had the single purpose of getting a couple more votes.
    Of course we had to pass it before we could see what was in it…

  4. Oh, are we still stuck on repealing obamacare? That’s so 2010-ish. They can dress it up with a tweak here and a tweak there, but who thinks the congressclowns have any intention of doing ANY work, particularly that doesn’t affect them?

  5. Kinda humorous to see socialists turn on communists when the socialists discover how much it actually costs them.

  6. Communists vs Socialist begs the question who do you root for between a Hitler and A Stalin?

  7. So basically, the democrat majority congress has done more to dismantle obamacare than the republican congress did. Thanks again, Paul Ryan!

  8. I’ll never forget (or forgive) when Dennis the Menace Kucinich, the screaming, no-good, worthless, little Federal Tit-Sucking Parasite capitulated on his hold-out position on Obamacare when the Obamboozler came to Cleveland and gave him an airplane ride and an ice-cream cone for his vote. He was digging his heels in against it until the little piece of shit got a little, high profile love from the Kenyan Kremepuff himself, then he was all luvy duvy with it!


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