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Houston: Immerse your kids in Islam

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Bloviating Zeppelin: People said: “no, it won’t happen here.  No one believes that Sharia Law is coming to the US or that Islam is the bogey-man.”

Excepe that, 1) yes it is and, 2) yes it is, and 3) open your eyes.  Islam is as Islam does.

Direct from Houston, Texas, what one would consider to be something of a conservative state:

Houston district opens ‘Arabic Immersion School’ to create ‘global citizens’


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  1. Yes, we getting more than our share of these people. I seem to remember Houston ISD has to provide teachers/language assistance for 121 languages, paid for naturally by taxpayers. FYI, there is a Chinese immersion school down the street from us and there are numerous Harmony Charter Schools which I believe were developed by a guy in Turkey. Texas, California and New York get stuck with a disproportionate number of immigrants and refugees. We’very have Syrian refugees a block over from our rather high income neighborhood. HUD wanted to build a ridiculously expensive Section 8 project in our neighborhood, further eroding our property values. The schools in our area arevsuperior due to heavy parental involvement. Democrats need to understand that these issues are part of what got Trump elected. My granddaughters are in conservative Christian schools.

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