Houston, We Have a Problem

American Thinker: Texas has a dramatic history when it comes to voting.  “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson, who went on to become America’s 36th president, benefited from blatant fraud to win his first Senate race in 1948.  Following a runoff against a popular former governor, Johnson’s backers used recounts, corrections, and phony vote-shifting to hand him an 87-vote primary victory.

Today, it isn’t so easy to simply fabricate thousands of votes.  However, inaccurate voter registration rolls, brimming with the names of noncitizens, as well as those who have moved away or died, open the way to error and fraud.  That threatens the integrity of the vote in Texas and elsewhere.

A review of the presidential votes cast in Texas in 2008, 2012, and 2016 by the data analysis firm Votistics found a disturbing number of duplicate registrations and multiple votes.  This means that inaccurate voter rolls are not harmless, forgivable mistakes.

According to Votistics, data provided by the Texas secretary of state indicate that 104,800 people appear to be registered more than once.  That is, the list contains thousands of name/date of birth pairs.  Of course, some cases could reflect unusual coincidences.  But most are the same person.  The State of Texas and county registrars have the information necessary to confirm duplicate registrations and remove the extra ones.

Votistics found that 2,159 of these “voting pairs” appeared to have cast ballots in the same election.  The firm found another 272 cases of registrants who lacked fully matching middle names but also apparently voted more than once, as confirmed by data matching at various commercial sites that track personal information.  While Votistics had no detailed information on these ballots, at least some of them were cast erroneously or fraudulently.  read more

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  1. Look for Texas results to come in really late, and for Beta to lose by 5+ points after all the polls said it’s too close to call. It’ll be like that in Georgia, too; We won’t find out that the deadbeat black woman is not our new governor until after midnight when she suddenly loses by 7 points. It takes that long for the Dems to calculate that the number of votes they need to manufacture is too high to be feasible.

    The smartest thing Hugh Hewitt ever said is “If it ain’t close, they can’t cheat.” Get out and vote their schemes into tiny, unrecountable pieces.

  2. Lyndon Johnson’s voter fraud was epic and well known. Are we going to have to start stuffing the ballot boxes too?

  3. It’s well known Texas history that entire cemeteries in Kleberg county voted for LBJ. South Texas always votes early and often due to the heavy latino poupulation. Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Corpus Christi are other demonrat strongholds.
    Fortunately the rural areas are so vast that we still outnumber the urban vote. It is my thought that the same pollsters that had Hillary winning by a landslide are calling for Beto to win. And we all know how that worked out.

  4. It’s a gargantuan task to clean up voter rolls when every other voter in Texas has the last name of Ramirez, Gomez, Cortez, Sanchez, or Estevez.


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