How about Democrats pay reparations to everyone who’s not a Democrat?

American Thinker:

Reparations are a fashionable political topic that has been employed extensively by the Democrats, feeding right into their identity politics and their intersectional victimhood scale of merit.

Putting the feel-good stuff and the virtue-signaling aside, the administration of such an idea is fraught with many problems and leaves sensible people — Republicans in particular — with only a fight-or-flight response.

I propose another approach.  Let’s force the Democrats to pay reparations to every American citizen who is not a Democrat…or to somebody, anyway.

First the motive.  The Democrats are responsible for many bad things, but let’s just focus on those things that no rational person of any political persuasion would label as good things:

  • African slavery
  • The American Civil War
  • Jim Crow
  • Ku Klux Klan
  • Segregation

We could add other things, but those five are not going to be very controversial.  If we are to administer these reparations, the historical origins of guilt need to be irrefutable.   more

10 Comments on How about Democrats pay reparations to everyone who’s not a Democrat?

  1. New amendment: if you take money from the Government you can’t vote.

    Democrats would stop trying to buy votes and that right there would solve 70% of our problems.

  2. As an American Seminole Indian – what are we getting??? How about our lands back…I don’t hear the dumocrats say ANYTHING about us. Someone needs to ask them where their dumb idea stops.

  3. The only thing I want from Democrats is for them to leave me the fuck alone!

    It is the only thing I feel I am entitled to and I believe that is pretty much the feeling of everyone in this country who isn’t a Goddamned Democrat.

  4. Whutta preposterous idea! Go ahead. Send ’em a bill!
    It’ll just be a nuther one they toss in the garbage and welch on!
    Go ahead and do a little research to find out how many disappointed (and broke) caterers and venue owners are out there still waiting to be paid by these disingenuous, rat-fcuking, worthless, federal tit-sucking parasites! You’ve really gotta be terminally stupid or completely desperate to rent out a hall or cater a democRAT event cuz disappointment iz a foregone conclusion when ya find out all that food and those rental papers amount to basically a contribution agreement!!

  5. Democrats owe me money.

    My family is from the north, never owned slaves, and fought for the union.

    Democrats need to pay up right fucking now.

  6. @JDHasty – You beat me to it, my friend! The Dems can go off and do whatever they like by (and to) themselves as long as they don’t demand I participate and most definitely don’t demand that I pay for their follies and evildoings.

  7. My great great grandfather got here in 1850 when INNA, Irish Need Not Apply was still ‘en vogue’. You see, we were DIRTY. A slave at auction had a higher value than an uneducated Irishman.

    Oh, then we/they fought in the Civil War, but they did make a stink about it in the Draft Riots in NYC, pure chaos.

    I wants me money and I wants it NOW!!

    Reparations have been and will continue in the form of TAXATION.

    1.4% of the population at the time owned slaves and of the millions that came out of Afrika ONLY 350,000 showed up in the Colonies. Most of the others? Went to Brazil and other places…

  8. What do you call 50+ years of welfare and affirmative action? I think we’ve already paid it. As for the Japanese who were interred by FDR, we pay them reparations with every Honda, Toyota, etc that we’ve bought over the same time period. So, pretty sure we’re all done with that.


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